ChristoPaganity Links


compiled by Cernowain Greenman

The Christian Witch  website

The Cauldron and The Cross

The Christian Witchery Page

Starlight, A Christian Witch– See "My Christian Witch Creed" and many links

Christo-Pagan Information– on the Northern Way website

Christian Wicca– on the College Wicca site by Rhaevyn Sunrise

Live Journal-- Christopagan blog group

Christopagan Eclecticism-- links by Hestia

Rosary of our Lady-- Praying to Mary as Goddess with the Rosary

The Christian Pagan Feud– two teens on Witchvox

Christian Druids– Yahoo group with 44 members

Ask A Christian Witch– Yahoo group with 114 members

The Christian Witch Guidance Course– Yahoo group with 198 members

Christo-pagans of Chicago Yahoo group– new list with 8 members

Carl MacColman page– a list of books he has written

ChristoPaganism: The "Oxymoron Syndrome"-- an article on the Darkness Embraced site.

An Example of Syncreticism: ChristoPaganism by Ara MoonSong– WitchVox Community Essay Series for June 2000

13 Reasons Why Jesus would be a Witch– A Carl MacColman site

JC Witch Message Board– many thoughtful posts can be found here.

Christian Wicca Ministries–

A Christian Wicca Apologetic

Christian Wiccan Forum

Christian with a Wiccan lifestyle

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by Cernowain Greenman