Three Weird Sisters


Brenda, Teresa and Mary are the line up of "Three Weird Sisters",

a musical trio of extraordinary singing and songwriting talent.

Former "sister", Gwen, lives in the U.K. and adds Irish metal harp to the mix.


Below you'll find chords and lyrics to three of my favorites songs from 3WS:

Draw Down the Moon

Dumb, Dumb Dorothy

Absolutely Bonkers


Check out their 2 wonderful CDs: "Hair of the Frog" (2004)

and "Rite the First Time" (2001), which you can by at CD Baby.

Up to date info can be found on their MySpace page

and look for bios and lyrics on



Draw Down the Moon

by Brenda Sutton © 1989

from the CD "Hair of the Frog"


      Am              Em               Am             Esu4      E

1.The full moon rises in the sky and sheds its light upon  the path

      F                 Am                Em                E 

That takes us far from worldly eyes. Yes, we will be there soon!
    Am                E                 Am            G     E

See in the distance, welcoming, there stands a woman and a man
     Am                Em              Am     

Who bid us join their faerie ring and draw down,

 Em   G     Am   Em       Am

draw down, draw down the moon.


           Am      Em      Am       Em    G              Am      Em

Ch:  With Fire and Water, Earth and Air, now we step the circle fair.

Am         Em   Am       G         Em       G         E        G

Water and Fire, Air and Earth, of love and life and death and birth.

Am       Em     Am       E          G                 F       G

Air and Earth, Fire and Water, the Old Ones watch us lest we falter.

 Am    Em   Am         F          Am      G        F      Em  Am

Earth, Air, Water and Fire... let wisdom rule our heart's de-sire.



2. In circles from the dawn of time, the Ancients on the moor and heath
Gathered, being of one mind, to beg the Gods a boon.
Now candles burn the fragrant embers brilliant as our strong belief.
All listen while the Lord Remembered draws down,

draws down, draws down the moon. (Ch)



3. In mantle of another college, the Lady turns and speaks to all,
Reminds us of our inborn knowledge often lost too soon.
"Seek me and you will not find me if on empty hearts this falls.
See me in yourself before you draw down,

draw down, draw down the moon."  (Ch)



4. Feed belly as you feed the mind, with honeyed cake and honeyed kiss,
Then sip ambrosia’d wine, dance gaily, sing a rousing tune.
We bid the Quartered Gods adieu, the circle opened, all dismissed,
But monthly we shall all renew and draw down,

draw down, draw down the moon.  (Ch 2x)



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Dumb, Dumb Dorothy
by Brenda Sutton © August 2000

from the CD "Rite the First Time"


Intro: (D) (A) /(D)    /(A)  (D) (E)


1. I've (A)clicked my heels so many times-- I (D)was a fool to (E)grieve
For (A)Flatland and the monochromes-- I (D)now desire to leave.
I (D)want my eyes to (A)match my gown, to (D)float the bubble tram,
And be (A)where I know (D)simply who I (E)am.


(A)Summon all the Gods of Air and (D)let the wild wind (E)howl.
I'll (A)pitch my porch to the gray-green sky and (D)ply the witch's trowel,
Put (D)Kansas to my (A)backside, and (D)bid a swift farewell
To the (A)dust and the hogs and the (D)prairie (E)corn sage (A)smell.

Ch:      I want to (D)go… where nothing's (A)as it seems.
            I want to (D)sing… and fight and (A)laugh and dream.
            I want my (D)answers to be (A) "Just be-(D)cause
            (D)That's the way in the merry old land of (E)OZ." 

            [ (D)That's the way in the very old land of (E)OZ." ]


2. (A)Watch the windmill wheel and (D)pitch and whistle up my (E)ride.
I'm (A)looking for that rainbow bridge I (D)danced to the Emerald side.
I'd (D)battle back to (A)Wizard Town past (D)fields of poppied snow,
Through a (A)sky of flying monkeys for the (D)colors that I (E)know.

So (A)suck me up the funnel, and (D)send me back to (E)OZ,
(A)Set me on that Yellow Path to the (D)land of Neverwas.
(D)Give me my sweet (A)man of straw and (D)let my lion roar
'Til my (A)heart beats like it's (D)never (E)beat be-(A)fore.  
(Ch+repeat last line)



3. (A)Kansas is all right, yet it is (D)not my only (E)home.
(A)I may visit now and then, but (D)I will always roam.
(D)How ya gonna keep me (A)down on the farm, (D)after all I've seen?
Please let (A)OZ be real and (D)Kansas be the (E)dream.

So (A)hand me down my ruby shoes, oh, (D)Glenda hear my (E)cry!
I (A)know I begged for sepia tone but (D)now I don't know why.
I've (D)learned the grass is (A)greener on the (D)far side of the moon.
If I (A)have my way I'll be (D)up to (E)green real (A)soon..
Oh, if I (A)have my way I'll be (D)covered in (E)green real (A)soon...



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Absolutely Bonkers
By Brenda Sutton © 1986

from the CD "Rite the First Time"



1. He said, (G)"Someday some fine mortal man will (C)leap into the (G)sky
Un-(C)furl a pair of home-made wings that will (D)catch the wind and fly
He'll (G)slip the boundar-(G7)ies of earth and (C)dance on clouds so high!"
The (G)crowd said, "Leo-(C)nardo, you are (D)cra-(G)zy!"

CH:     (G)Absolutely bonkers, bouncing (C)off those padded (G)walls,
           Com-(G)pletely crackers, looney tunes,

  Buh-(D7)duh buh-duh buh-duh--that's all.
            The (G)lights are on, no-(G7)body's home, mo-(C)ronic vegetable,
            (G)Bet yer bottom (C)dollar, you are (D)cra-(G)zy!



2. He said, (G)"Someday we won't need whale oil or (C)candles in the (G)night,
We'll (C)flip a switch and fill our homes with (D)incandescent light.
We'll (G)capture sound on (G7)tubes of wax, our (C)likenesses on sight!"
The (G)crowd said, "Thomas (C)Edison, you're (D)cra-(G)zy!"   [CH]

3. She said, (G)"Someday we'll see women holding (C)office in this (G)land
We'll (C)speak our minds and cast our votes just (D)like our brothers can.
And (G)someday men will (G7)share the load of (C)home and hearth and clan!"
The (G)crowd said, "Sue B. (C)Anthony, you're (D)cra-(G)zy!"  [CH]



4. He said, (G)"Someday we'll see rockets launching (C)into outer (G)space
We'll (C)soar beyond earth's gravity and (D)walk on the moon's face
And (G)even third world (G7)countries will be (C)joining the space race."
The (G)crowd said, "Robert (C)Goddard, you are (D)cra-(G)zy!"  [CH]



5. Well, (G)someday we'll be terraforming (C)colonies on (G)Mars,
We'll (C)mine the ore-filled meteors and the (D)sun will fuel our cars.
And (G)my grandchildren's (G7)kiddies will va-(C)cation to the stars.
Oh, (G)go on -- make my (C)day and call me (D)cra-(G)zy!

CH2:   (G)Absolutely bonkers, bouncing (C)off those padded (G)walls,
           Com-(G)pletely crackers, looney tunes,

  Buh-(D7)duh buh-duh buh-duh--that's all.
           The (G)lights are on, no-(G7)body's home, mo-(C)ronic vegetable,
            So (G)go on, make my (C)day and call me (D)cra-(G)zy!

            (spoken:) Crazy!



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