Witch's Rune

music by SJ Tucker

lyrics by SJ Tucker and Scott Sumers


capo ii


chords:   Am X02210     G  320001     C   X32010    Fma7 XX3210     G6 XX5430     G(2)  320203



          Am  G / Am  G

          Am  G / Am  Fma7óG6 (slide) Am



   Am                   G      C

1. Darksome Night and Shining Moon
Fma7            G        Am

Balance of the dark and light,
 Am             G       C

hearken ye our Witch's Rune,
  Fma7            G(2)    Am

as we perform our sacred rite!


2. With earth and water, air and fire,
by blade and bowl and circle round,
we come to you with our desire:
let all that is hidden now be found!


3. With censor, candle, book & sword

and ringing of the altar bell,
we tie a knot within our cord
to bind our magic in a spell.



4. Mother of the summer fields,
goddess of the silver moon,
join with us as power builds!
dance with us our witch's rune!



5. Father of the Summer dew
Hunter of the winter snows
With open arms we welcome you!
Dance with us as power grows!


6. By all the light of moon and sun,
by all the might of land and sea,
chant the rune and it is done.
As we will, so mote it be!