(Live version in Dm)

By SJ Tucker


“swingy beat, like 'personal jesus' or 'bloodletting', blues and lezpunk”
Turn 6th string down to D AND 1st string down to 'd'.

Capo: iv play in Dm (sounds in F#m)

Chords: Dm=000230   F/D=003230    G/F=3x0030    G/E=2x0030   G/Eb=1x0031   G=5x0050

Get the rhythm right, that’s the heart of the song. Also, remember to vary the volume from soft to loud and back.

If you want an easier version, see the CD version in Em


    Dm                        F/D
1. Sweet sixteen and bold as love

    G/F              G/E      (G/Eb)
the danger I've been dreaming of
Dm                         F/D
Sweet sixteen and bold as love

     G/F              G/E
the danger I've been dreaming of   (repeat)


2. Sweet sixteen and here she comes; I see the
candlelight from her window.
She just bought her first book of spells--
one step further than the wishing wells of
childhood; She's a woman grown.
I tell you, girls, if I had known,
I'd do it all over exactly the same.
She (G/F)walked into my (G/E)life and I sang


 G/F            Dm
CH:  Witchka! Where have you been?

 G/F                      G

 Tell me all the mischi--ief you've been in!

3. Twenty-six and mad as hell,
who'd'a thought that I would fall for this
turned-around, pouty-lipped Tinkerbelle?
One step further from the wishing well, but
what's her coven gonna say?
All I know's when I see her face, she makes
every little fairy princess fade away.
Here she comes, and I say

     G/F              Dm

 Witchka!  Where have you been?

 G/F                        G
     Tell me all the trouble....oh, Witchka!

4. Book of shadows and a lock of hair,
she holds me there and does not care. (4x)

5. From her little devil horns to her pouty lip,
you can tell she's thinking herself the shit.
Who am I to teach her to watch and wait?
A witch decides a witch's fate.
She's gonna learn the hard way--that's all right.
She says she likes it hard some nights.
Keep a close eye on her witchy ways.
She'll surprise us all one day!  (3x this line only)

CH:    Witchka!  Where have you been?
          Tell me all the mischief you've been in.

          Witchka, my, how you have grown--
          time to make this world your own!

          Witchka!  What have you done?
          Everything from raising hell to having fun!

          Witchka!  Where have you been!
          Tell me bout the trouble....oh, Witchka!

6. Book of shadows and a lock of hair,
she holds me there and does not care (2x)

Sweet sixteen and bold as love,
the danger I've been dreaming of (2x)   (chord on last "of" is G)