Lyrics and chords for songs by

S.J. Tucker

of the "Skinny White Chick" Band

"S.J. Tucker is a pulchritudinous pixie who surprisingly packs a powerful musical punch. She is full-time on the road, bringing her crystalline voice, savy guitar playing and boundless imagination to Pagan audiences everywhere. You can buy her CD's at her SkinnyWhiteChick website. Here you'll find some of her most popular songs including "Go Away Godboy" about standing up to a scary Christian stalker; "Mama Dragon" who is a Crone with heart and an attitude; "Mandolin Holy Man" about Joe Credit III (one of the members of SONA) and a trip to bring positive energy to the national capital; as well as a trilogy about "Wendy" who chooses a life at sea as a pirate (Arrrrg) instead of going with Peter Pan and the lost boys. Enjoy!" --C.G. 


Lyrics and chords for songs from

the "Mischief" CD



Ravens in the Library


Cheshire Kitten


Don't Get My Hopes Up


Salad of Doom




LIVE Songs Sung in Concert


“I’m So Sorry” (A Love Note to Fandom)


Go Away Godboy (Live)


Witchka (Live)


Lyrics and chords for songs from

the "Sirens" CD


Alligator in the House


The Drowning


Girl in the Garden

 newly updated!

Go Away Godboy (CD version)


Goddess (Down the Street)

 newly updated!

Mandolin Holy Man




Wendy Trilogy


Lyrics and chords for songs from

the "Blessings" CD


For Love of All Who Gather


April Fool's Day


Firebird's Child


Hymn to Herne


Witch's Rune


Handfast Blessing


Rabbit's Song


Come to the Labyrinth


In the Name of the Dance


Lyrics and chords for songs from

the "Tales from the Road" CD


The Pixie Can't Sleep


Mama Dragon




Lyrics and chords for songs from

the "Solace and Sorrow" CD



Overture: Sorrow's Song (Child of Dying Stars)


City of Marrow


The Gaselli




Manticore's Lullabye


Kashkash, a nursery rhyme


The Kingdom of Mice, a war song


Firebird's Child


  All lyrics copyrighted by S.J. Tucker, used with permission.

You can buy S.J. Tucker CD's (and t-shirts!) at her Merchandise page.

Song samples are on her Music page.


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