The Pixie Can't Sleep

By SJ Tucker


Capo i; (start out a capella)


The dreams are coming, wild and still
The dreams are coming in.
The thief of love collects her kill

                         Am  (tacit)
The night can now begin,    the walls start closing in


                 Am7   (hammer off and on 3x on strings 2 & 3)

Ch:  The Pixie Can't Sleep


The Pixie Can't Sleep

                  Am7 (tacit)

The Pixie Can't Sleep


               Am                   Fma7
She loved you better, but could you let her?

       C                                      G
She's banished back to the dreaming; just forget her.

             Am                  Fma7
Out with the hungry; in with the burned

                C                          G
The lesson is learned-you both played the victim.
                    Am           Am7    G   Am       G
I know you know the Pixie can't sleep/sleep… is overrated.
                            Am  G Am            G

Since she heard you can't sleep…     she's devastated.

 Am                          Fma7
Rest is overrated; love is a dream without a world.

                C                           G
Its language is empty as a coma, floating free of all concerned.

            Am                Fma7
The lesson learned-let go and go.

             C                  G
There's more room to breathe when you're alone.


CH: The Pixie Can't Sleep…

                  Dm                G

Just a little too late the dragon dreams

             C              Am
The goddess rises and she screams:

                     Dm                     G
“Girl, what are you doing? Your love is a dream

           C                      Em                  Am
Without a setting, and you're forgetting… the lesson learned.”

(chorus instrumental)


      Am       Dm      Am       Em

The dreams are coming wild and still
      Am       Dm     Am    G

The dreams are coming in
      Am      Dm      Am       Em

The thief of love collects her kill
     Am       Dm    Fma7 (tacit)

The night can now begin, walls start closing in
      Am        G       Am        Em

The dreams are singing wild and shrill
     Am      Dm      Am    G

She vanishes in the din
      Am      Dm       Am        G

The thief of love can drink her fill
          Am       Dm     Fma7

But the sleeper's growing thin-I am stretched too thin.


Ch: The Pixie can’t sleep…

I can't sleep.