For Love of All Who Gather

By S.J. Tucker

capo i


Dm             F       C                 Dm 

   With but a single breath to clear the way,
Dm          F       C           Dm

   I honor all who listen as I play
Dm           F      C           Dm

   I honor Freya, Brigid, Cerridwen
Dm         F      C             Dm

   I honor every goddess, in my way
Dm          F        C                Dm

   I honor Sairyss, Fafnir, Naelyon, Grael*
Dm          F        C                 Dm

   I honor all my friends of wing and tail
Dm           F         C              Dm

   I honor earth and flame, rain and wind
Dm              F       C                     Dm

   For love of all who gather, let the song begin




* “Sairyss, Fafnir, Naelyon and Grael” are believed to be the names of the four dragons of the four directions.


For Love of All Who Gather (Reprise)/Spirit Call

By S.J. Tucker




Dm          F    C             Dm

    By our very will, rite is done
Dm                F    C                 Dm

   with Lord and Lady watching, hand in hand
Dm              F         C               Dm

   By power of earth and rain, flame and wind,
Dm              F       C                      Dm

   for love of all who gather, let the circle open.