April Fools Day

SJ Tucker


Capo iv



(drum roll…)  (tacit)                     AAA GA

All…          on an April Fools Day Sunday
                          AAA GA

Riding, riding we shall be

Homeward thru the waking Spring
G  A      A    A     G  A  AAA GA GAAA GA

 Clear 'cross Tennessee!

G A                              AAA GA

1. My best love was riding shotgun
                           AAA GA

Myself in the driver's seat
                             AAA GA

We went riding all day Sunday
                                  AAA GA

home for our loved ones all to see.
G   A                    G    A

Unplug the bed, stretch and yawn.
G A                           G    A

   Felt like ash in the crack of doom,
G  A      A        A    G   A    AAA GA

  Leaving at the crack of Nine
G A (tacit)

    from a cozy North Carolina room.

     D2       A      G         A

Ch: All on an April Fools Day Sunday
 A             G        A

Riding, riding we shall be
  A        A       A  G     A

Homeward thru the waking Spring
 D2      G       A      G  A

Clear 'cross Tennessee!

2. Left behind the Northern snow,
fields of white, on the day before.
Off thru the frisky mountain rain,
winter storms we'll chase no more!

Tunnels, trees and mountain fog,
highway miles and a cloudy day,
Laughing streams and waterfalls,
springtime splashing all the way! (Ch)


3.New leaves rising on the vine
and flowers simply everywhere,
never doubt the day was fine.
We rode as quickly as we dared!
April fools and flowers bold,
March is leaving like a lamb.
Knoxville, Nashville, Westward Ho!
‘round the churchfolk traffic jams (Ch)

4. And here's our priestess at the gate!
Merrily we greeted her.
Circle round for what's in store:
a pie in the face from a Minister! (Ch)

Ch2: All on an April Fool's Day Sunday
Riding, riding we shall be
Homeward thru the waking spring
to Memphis, Tennessee!


                                 AAA  GA
5. Carrot casts the circle round

                              AAA GA
and Rabbit rules the afternoon.

(tacit… drum roll…)
Keep your leaping summer fires--
(tacit… drum roll…)

We revel 'neath an April moon!