ďGo Away GodboyĒ  (Live version in E)

by SJ Tucker


The chords here are what Sooj plays in concert. They are mostly open chords and have a nice airy sound:   E= 079900   B=x24400    C#m=x46600    A=x02200    Ama7=x02120  E*=022100


If you can't play the chords as above, don't worry you can still play regular first position chords and it will work out OK, it just won't sound quite as airy:  

E=022100    B=x24442    C#m=x46644    A(2)=x02200    Ama7=x0212  


Or, try the simpler CD version in C



        E       B                C#m          A     B

Intro:                   wo, wo, wah    wah, wah__      (repeat)



      C#m                               Ama7    

1. My made-up mind was not put here for you to try and change
      E*                             B

You think that I am your lost cause,   so beautiful and strange
C#m                               Ama7

Minding my own business Ďtil you criticized my friends
     E*                                B

Itís on now, time to go now. Let the heresy begin. Yeah, yeah
A              B

 and so Iím screaminí

E                             B

CH: Go away god boy, your gospel doesnít work on me

   C#m                        A                B

Youíre pestering a goddess, here, I was blind, but now I see

   E                                B
Youíre stuck inside your holy head, you think that youíre in love

    C#m                           A              B                C#m
So, go  away, you lamb of god, before I have to crush you like a (bug)


    C#m                                   Ama7
2. Thanks for the invitation, but Iíve already thought this through

       E*                        B
If Iím not one of the chosen, I wonít have to put up with you.

     C#m                             Ama7
Who wants to go to heaven when your stalker meets you there?

Better a whore of Babylon, baby. 

A                          B                 E
 Donít let the front door hit you when you (go)      {CH}



   C#m                                    Ama7
3. Donít try to wrap your head around my heart full of free will

       E*                              B
Iíll shake you up, Iíll tear you down, do my worst and give you chills
     C#m                                   Ama7

Iíll hit you right between the eyes; these boots will come to call.
       E*                              B

Donít make me make you sorry you come after me at all.  Whoa, whoa,


                A                             C#m

Bridge: Youíre pestering this goddess to the ground,

    but she will not come down
         A                 B

    to whatís inside your head.
        A                                 C#m

    Go find a willing flock of sheep and preach to it instead
        E*                                 A                B  (tacitÖ)

    At least that way youíre occupied and might not end up dead & resurrected


 E                              B

Go away, god boy, please donít make me ask again.
C#m                       A              B

I have heard you out now itís my turn to add a spin
           E                         B

Your holy head is up your ass, your message ringing clear.
C#m                       A                B                  E

Go away, god boy, or itís me and not your savior that youíll fear.


E       B              C#m          A     B

               wo, wo, wah    wah, wah__      (repeat)



C#m        Ama7            E*               B

Hail Mary, full of grace! Save me from the human race!
C#m        Ama7            E*                 B       (tacit at start of CH)

Hail Mary, wise and meek! Save me from this freak!    {CH}



{last CH & Tag}
(E)                           B

Go away, god boy your gospel doesnít work on me
        C#m                              A               B

Youíre stuck inside your dogma and your Karmaís getting messy
      E                              B

your holy head is up your ass, your message ringing clear

C#m                       A                B

Go away, god boy, or itís me and not your savior that youíll
C#m                              A                  B

Go away now little boy, or itís girls and not your savior that youíll
C#m                      A                B                  A       E

Go away god boy, or itís me and not your savior that youíll fear.