ďGo Away GodboyĒ (the CD version)

by SJ Tucker


Capo iii play in Am/C (sounds in Cm/Eb)


Intro: C     G             Am       F    G

                  wo, wo, woah  wo, wo        (repeat)


      Am                                Fma7    

1. My made-up mind was not put here for you to try and change
      C                              G

You think that I am your lost cause,   so beautiful and strange
 Am                               Fma7

Minding my own business Ďtil you criticized my friends
     C                                G

Itís on now, time to go now. Let the heresy begin. Yeah, yeah
 F            G

and so Iím screaminí

C                              G          C  G7

CH:  Go away god boy, your gospel doesnít work on me          

     Am                              F                 G
    Youíre pestering a goddess here, I was blind, but now I see

     C                                        G               C   G7
    Youíre stuck inside your holy head, you think that youíre in love

        Am                           F               G               Am
    So, go away, you lamb of god, before I have to crush you like a (bug)


     Am                                  Fma7
2. Thanks for the invitation, but Iíve already thought this through

        C                        G
If Iím not one of the chosen, I wonít have to put up with you.

     Am                              Fma7
Who wants to go to heaven when your stalker meets you there?

Better a whore of Babylon, baby. 

F                          G                 C
 Donít let the front door hit you when you (go)   {CH}


    Am                                   Fma7
3. Donít try to wrap your head around my heart full of free will

       C                                G
Iíll shake you up, Iíll tear you down, do my worst and give you chills
     Am                                     Fma7

Iíll hit you right between the eyes; these boots will come to call.
       C                              G

Donít make me make you sorry you came after me at all.  Whoa, whoa,

                F                              Am

Bridge: Youíre pestering this goddess to the ground,

but she will not come down
    F                  G

to whatís inside your head.
    Am                                 F

Go find a willing flock of sheep and preach to it instead
     C                    F                             G   (tacitÖ)

At least that way youíre occupied and might not end up dead & resurrected


C                               G

Go away, god boy, please donít make me ask again.
Am                        F               G

I have heard you out now itís my turn to add a spin
      C                              G

Your holy head is up your ass, your message ringing clear.
Am                        F                G                 (Am)

Go away, god boy, or itís me and not your savior that youíll fear.


 Am        Fma7             C                G C   G

Hail Mary, full of grace!  Save me from the human race!
 Am        Fma7             C                  G C  G  (tacit at start of CH)

Hail Mary, wise and meek!  Save me from this freak!    {CH}



{last CH & Tag}
(C)                            G

Go away, god boy your gospel doesnít work on me
        Am                               F                  G

Youíre stuck inside your dogma and your Karmaís getting messy
      C                              G

your holy head is up your ass, your message ringing clear

Am                        F                G

Go away, god boy, or itís me and not your savior that youíll
Am                               F                  G

Go away now little boy, or itís girls and not your savior that youíll
Am                       F                G                  Am

Go away god boy, or itís me and not your savior that youíll fear.