Spiral Rhythm Songs

Spiral Rhythm's vocals and energy are legendary.  
Ric, Madison, Eris, Kiki, Kathy, Kerri, Jon, PJ and Mark
share a love for the Gods and for chanting that will move your heart, mind and body.
They began singing around bonfires in Atlanta and Asheville, N.C.,
and developed into a tour de force of Pagan music. 
Check out their homepage and buy their CDs at www.spiralrhythm.net

Spiral Rhythm: Roll of Thunder CD
Lyrics and Chords

I Am the Goddess
Come and Dance
Grandmother, Grandmother
Maiden, Mother, Crone
Look Within
Children's Totem Chant
The Mother's Heart
I Am a Leaf
Three Witches
Dance, My Children, Dance
Buddhist Chant
Roll of Thunder

“I Am the Goddess”
PJ Seale, 2000

(½ step down)
Em   D    D Em          Em   D   D  Em     Em      D       Em
I am the Go-oddess, My feet are roo-ooted Deep within the earth
Em        D                             D   Em
My head among the stars, My crown the u-ni-verse
Em          D    Em   Em         D Em
My arms are open wide To hold e-ter-nity
Em        D        Em               D      Em
I am the tie that binds Encircling you and me

“Come and Dance“
Christian Williamson,1997

(capo iii)
        Em               D   Em                   D   Em
Chorus: Come and dance, with me. Come and dance, with me.
        Em               D   Em          D   Em          D   Em
        Come and dance, with me. Dance, with me. Dance, with me.

    Em                             D Em
1. Come and dance with me, in the circle.
 Em                        D         Em
Come and dance with me, beneath the moon.
 Em                             D Em
Come and dance with me, in the circle.
 Em                            D        Em
Come and dance with me, to the ancient tune. (Chorus)

2. Come and dance with me ,in the circle.
Come and dance with me, around the fire.
Come and dance with me, in the circle.
Come and dance with me, and show your desire. (Chorus)

     Em                                              D      Em
Ch2: If I want When I want What I want All I want I call to her.
    Em                                                D       Em
    If I needYWhen I needYWhat I need All I need She sends to me. (repeat)

3. Come and dance with me, in the circle.
Come and dance with me, beneath the stars.
Come and dance with me, in the circle.
Come and dance with me, for ours is the power. (Chorus)

“Grandmother, Grandmother”
Christian Williamson, 2002

(capo iii)
          Em               D                  D Em
Chorus: Grandmother, grandmother, I hear you ca-alling.
      Em           D                             Em
Grandmother, grandmother, I hear your stories on the wind. (repeat Ch)

    D6           Em      Em            D
1. Keeper of wisdom Grandmother, grandmother,
   D6           Em        Em           D
Teacher of Children Grandmother, grandmother,
  D6          Em        Em           D
Weave us together Grandmother, grandmother,
  D6           Em          Em   D   Em
Lead us to darkness And beyond the veil (Chorus)

2. Crone through the ages Grandmother, grandmother,
Watching her children Grandmother, grandmother,
Your ancient eyes Grandmother, grandmother,
See the beginning And see the end (Chorus)

3. I hear you calling Grandmother, grandmother,
Leading us onward Grandmother, grandmother,
Circle is turning Grandmother, grandmother,
We are your echoes til you spiral round again (Chorus)

“Maiden, Mother, Crone”
Stephen Bender, 1996
Descant by Christian Harrington, 1997

Em  D    C       B7     Em      D       Em             B7
Maiden, Mother, Crone, See us sway and listen to our chant.
Em              D6      Cma7       B7
Hear our cry tonight, tonight, We call for power.

The circles have grown empty, The fires have gone dim.
I have a magic pocket To put your love in.
If you haven=t any love, Then your tolerance will do.
If you haven=t any tolerance, Then Goddess bless you.
The circle now grows full, As the witches all draw near.
If the Goddess listens closely, What will she hear?
The voices of her children Rising to the sky.
As we send forth our will With a gladsome cry.

“Look Within”
Christian Williamson, 1999

(capo ii)
 Am                                   G                             Am
Look into the eyes of the lady fair. Look into the eyes of the lord in there.
 Am                                   G                             Am
Look into the eyes of the lady fair. Look into the eyes of the lord in there.
 Am                                     G                          Am
Look to the mirror, look to the glass. Look to the future, look to the past.
 Am                                    G                        Am
Look to the strong, look to the wise. Look to the power within your eyes.

Children's Totem Chant
Christian Williamson, 1997

(capo ii)
 Am          C        Am                 C       G
Cats, Dogs, Bunnies, Frogs, Snakes and wriggly things
 Em                      G Em   G     Em   E   (su4)
Bears, Bats, furry rats, A-ny- thing that sings
Am             Em                     Dm                 E   (/F#  /G#)
Anything that hops, crawls, flies Or swims in the salty seas
Am    /G           F6      Em         Am          G  Em
Is a thing that=s Goddess-touched And so a friend to me.


Christian Williamson 1997

(capo i)
Intro: Tune: “God Save the King”
 A          E              A            D           A   E7 A
My country ‘tis of Thee, sweet land of liberty, of thee I sing.
 A             E       A     D    A      E7       A
Land where my fathers died, land of the Pagan’s pride,
     A      E       A    D    A  E7  A
From every mountainside let freedom ring!
A                    A6           Asu4          Am    E Am
I am freedom. I am freedom. I am freedom. I am freedo-o-om.

         Am                         C       Am
1. I can no more be bound than the hawk in flight.
    G                   Am   G       Am
And I am the fires that burn in the night.
    G                     C              Am
And I am the shaking and quaking of the earth.
    G                        Am   G  Am
And I am the water of the world's rebirth.

      Am             C             D             Am   G Am
I am freedom, I am freedom, I am freedom, I am freedo-o-om

        Am                          C           Am
2. I am no more contained that the waves on the sea.
G                           Am G       Am
I cannot be chained because I must be free.
   Am                   G             Am
And I am the fire that burns in all things.
The bell that tolls with freedom=s call,
  G             Am  G   Am
shake when you hear me ring.

       Am            C             D             Am   G Am
I am freedom, I am freedom, I am freedom, I am freedo-o-om

“The Mother's Heart”
PJ Seale, 2001

    C   C Dm             C    Dm                           C   Dm
1. The mother's heart reverberates In the ground beneath your feet.    
          C  Dm                C   Dm              C    Dm
And the drummers' hands they translate Into a pounding beat.
         C6  C              C4 C             F        C        Dm
And the pounding fuels the dancers As they twist and leap and twirl.
         C                                  F    C        Dm
And the dancers feed the chanters As their melodies they spin.
     C6       C       C4 C           F       C        Dm
And all will feed the fi-ire Flames leap to kiss the night.
     C                                              Dm
And all of this together Is the Goddess brought to life.

     C  Dm            C      Dm    C        Dm
2. Drummers drumming in the night Feel the beat.
 C Dm             C    Dm    C         Dm
Bodies writhe by fire light Bathed in heat.
   C     Dm      C     Dm        C        Dm
A web of melody does sound both High and sweet
 C6       C       C4       C      C                         Dm
Heed the Goddess when she calls, calls her children one and all.
 C6   C       C4 C           C                            Dm
Celebrate the fi-ire round, Dance, drum and sing til the earth does pound.
 C                            Dm
Dance, drum and sing til the earth does pound.
 C                            Dm
Dance, drum and sing til the earth does pound
-- the Mother’s heart.

“I Am a Leaf”
PJ Seale, 2002

  Em                 D          Em
1. I am a leaf in a tall, tall tree
         D                  Em
And the wind that blows it free
        Em                     D        Em
And the river it floats to the ocean's shore.
         D                        Em
And the fiery sun that boils the sea

        D Em   D  Em   D       Em
Chorus: I am  you are  we are one
        D Em   D  Em   D       Em
        I am  you are  we are one

2. I'm the rock, the bark, the rain that falls
And the birds upon their wing
The snake, the fish, and all things with claws
You'll find I'm everything (Chorus)

3. See your face in the mirror, what you see is me
I connect everyone you meet
Your mother, your father, your daughter, your son
I am in everyone (Chorus)

4. I'm the dancer, the drummer, the sacred song
And the harmonies their drawn upon
You touch the earth and the earth is me
I am the goddess I am everything (Chorus)

(last Chorus ends with E Major chord, ie "Picardy 3rd")

“Three Witches”
SOURCES: Janet & Steward Farrar; Shakespeare (“Macbeth”);
Lady Gwen Thompson; Frank Baum; & Spiral Rhythm

“Come my sisters…”

Em       D  Em   Em         D   Em
Eko,Eko, Azarak. Eko, Eko, Zamilak
Em         D   Em    Em          D  Em
Eko, Eko, Kernunos.  Eko, Eko, Aradia

“Darksome night and shining moon East, then south, then west, then north
Hearken to the Witch=s Rune Here we come to call ye forth
Earth and water, air and fire Wand pentacle and sword
Work ye unto our desire Hearken ye unto our work
Cords and censor, scourge and knife Power of the witch's blade
Waken ye unto life Come ye as the charge is made
Queen of heaven, queen of hell Horned hunter of the night
Lend your power unto our spell And work our will by magic rite
By all the power of land and sea By all the might of moon and sun
As we will, so mote it be Chant this spell and be it done”

“Double, double, toil and trouble;
Fire, burn; and caldron, bubble.
Eye of newt, and toe of frog,
Wool of bat, and tongue of dog,
Adder's fork, and blind-worm's sting,
Lizard's leg, and howlet's wing,--
For a charm of powerful trouble,
Like a hell-broth boil and bubble”

“Something wicked this way comes!”      (Also from Shakespeare’s “Macbeth”)

“Bide the Wiccan laws ye must
in perfect love and perfect trust
Live and let live
fairly take an fairly give
Mind the Threefold Law ye should
three times bad an’ three times good
bright the cheeks an warm the heart
Merry meet an merry part”

(Witches cackling laughter)

“I’ll get you, my pretty!”

Dance, My Children, Dance
PJ Seale, 2002

(capo iii)
           Em                    D        Em     Em       D       Em
I call the earth, the fire, the wind and rain. Dance my children dance
     Em               D      Em               Em     D       Em
To guide you on this mortal plane While you, dance children dance

             Em            D         Em                Em      D       Em
I made the ground soft beneath your feet So you could, dance children dance
         Em                D        Em              Em     D       Em
And the fire to bathe you with its heat While you, dance children dance
            Em              D        Em              Em     D       Em
I made the rain to fall to cool you down While you, dance children dance
         Em               D    Em               Em    D       Em
And the wind to blow you dry again While you, dance children dance
           Em                   D      Em                 Em     D       Em
I made the sun by day and the moon at night So you could dance children dance
          Em            D       Em              Em     D       Em
So you're always in my loving light While you, dance children dance
And you dance with the Sun and the moon and the wind and the rain
And you dance with the earth and you dance with the flame
And you dance with the stars in the velvet sky
 D                                 Em
All things dance in the circle of life

     Em              D     Em    Em       D       Em
So I call you to my circle now Dance my children dance
    Em                   D     Em            Em     D       Em
In peace and love and togetherness May you, dance children dance
          Em    D       Em                Em      D       Em
Always, dance children dance. All things dance, children dance

Buddhist Chant

Om Mani Padme Hum  

(= “The Divine holding the jewel and the lotus”).

Roll of Thunder
Christian Williamson,1997

        Em               G   Em      D      Em    G    Em
Chorus: Roll of thunder hear my cry Come to me I touch the sky
        Em               G   Em      D      Em    G    Em
        Roll of thunder hear my cry Come to me I touch the sky

(The verses to “Roll of Thunder” are not on the CD:)

1. Fire turns the sea to salt When he makes her boil
Farmer turns the seed to life With all his work and toil (Chorus)

2. Wolves howl loud and fierce Into the night
Eagle=s scream pierces my heart When he starts his flight (Chorus)

3. Hoof beats pound from the canyons Into the hills
Though the people left there long ago The walls remember still (Chorus)

4. Storms they brew in darkness On thunderbird=s cries
Summoned into tempest flight Across unguarded skies (Chorus)

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