Pagan Singer-Songwriter from the Midwest


The leading Lady of both "Bellawyck" and of SONA, Beltana Spellsinger is also one of the hosts
of Wolvenwold nature sanctuary and festival campground in Missouri. 
Her song "Sonorous Sanctum," was # 1 on the acoustic charts in Australia a few years ago,
and she continues to rock Pagans throughout the Midwest and beyond
with her musical talent.


Songs Written by Beltana Spellsinger:

Ballad of Bogtane/Beltane
Black Goddess
The Chalice
Eorthe's Song
Gypsy Song
Land of the Sidhe
Light Glow
Little Song
Ozark Mountain Fire
The Secret
She Xing
Snails Ho!
Sonorous Sanctum
Tate's Dream
The Well


Beltana Websites

Bel's MySpace Music Page Listen to "Sonorous Sanctum", "Gypsy Song" and "Land of the Sidhe"
Beltana's Playlist on MySpace Listen and buy the above songs via MySpace
Bel's Soundclick Page Listen to any of the songs from the Beltana CD; lots of good info here, too.
Beltana's Page Bel's homepage with links and info
Another Beltana Page With more Bel info
The Bellawyck site Official site for the Bellawyck group
Bel on Facebook Her personal facebook page
"Spellsinger" Fansite on Facebook Bel's professional music facebook page
Bel on Tribe.net A networking site
Bel's Golden Goddess Gourds Beautiful musical instruments direct from Mother Earth
MP3 Australia Beltana is "down-under", too
Bel/SONA at CD Baby SONA CDs available here
Beltana at Witchvox's Bardic Circle Bel joins the bards at Witchvox central
Wolvenwold Nature sanctuary, campground and festival center
SONA's official site The original site about the Peter, Paul and Mary of Pagan Music, featuring Beltana with the Joes.
video slide show with "Gypsy Song" a YouTube slide show featuring Bel's music
another video slide show again, another gypsy video using "Gypsy Song" by Bel
More Spellsinger Songs Bel songs not found on SONA CDs, page by Cern


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