The Well
Lyrics by Beltana, music by SONA
© 2000 SONA, used with permission
||: G   G/F   Em   G/F  :||

1. Gazing up into the sky beneath clouds silver grey

I go back to a place in the darkness not so far away

Where I waited alone in the grass under shadows of trees

There I called to my Dark Lord, He came on a swift gentle breeze

And we sang a maze of light into being

And He took my hand and led me back to the beginning... of the Well

Bb   /A   G
oo.....     oo


2, I followed Him in we transcended all reason and time

In shining of mind heard a distant mysterious chime

We traveled in circles and spirals a calming wind blows

Down a candlelit path to the center where only One knows

There I saw into the deepness of my soul

And I sat and stared into the blackened hole... of the Well

Bb   /A   G
oo.....     oo

3. The strange music spiraled me outward continue the dance

On translucent pillars of glowing aflame in a trance

The Vision a secret the Minotaur in his domain

Succumb to the fear and embrace Him you'll conquer the pain

And we left the maze behind us in the night

And the Winged Ones were thunderous in their flight... from the Well


Bb   /A   G
oo.....     oo