“The Sure Thing Myth”

(aka, Yellow Arrow)

By Joe Credit iii


Capo iii

Intro: /E-/G-Am   Am/G  D/F# 



Am                C/G        D/F#

1. Won’t you hang with me?

Am                 C/G                    D/F#

    We’re gonna carpet-bomb Eurasia

Am               C/G         D/F#

    Done with serious, I need a new direction

Am                           C/G                   D/F#

    When you laugh at pain it comes to find you



Am            C/G      D/F#

2. Chasing after the sure-thing myth

Am                       C/G           D/F#

     That keeps the genie in the bottle

Am                         C/G              D/F#

     Attached to the guardrail of tomorrow

Am               C/G                       D/F#

     The silent moon descends the stairs of night



/A-/B- C        G                     Am

CH:                   Concerned with the weather

/A-/B- C                G                          Am

  Chasin’ shadows through forever

/A-/B- C                   G          Am

   A big blue sign….

/A-/B- C            G                      Am

  Yellow arrow point the way

            /A-/B- C            G                      Am

  Yellow arrow point the way



3. Hold your breath and count to ten.

Big crow flies through a starless sky

Signals cross between the rails

Brakeman's slumber made manifest



4. Silver eye glasses shatter

Exploding rapture among the fuzzy bits

Snuggled deep within the fire truck

Howling for a great escape



Ch, then instrumental, Ch