Sonorous Sanctum
words & music by Beltana (2004)

Intro: (same chords as verses)


             E                   C             D              E

1. In a deep, musky wood lie a boat and a paddle

      E           C                 D                  C (+f#)
Awaiting a poet who will rise with the dawn

               E           C                D              E
And the boat is a melody that drifts into dreamland

              E         C              D              E
Growing into a ship and it brings me along


                E          C            D                 E
2. Now I sit on a deck in a coffeehouse garden

      E             C             D             C
Awaiting the poetry the evening is long

                 E             C                D           E
And the dream is a memory that cannot escape me

        E              C               D               E
The evening is pretty but it will not last long

3. Well adieu to the Summer then welcome in Fall
Milkweeds are Autumn-laced hearken their call
We bid you good parting your memory burns
In our hearts for nine moons until you return

4. On a parchment before me notes dance in lucidity
Shimmering over the waves of Mabon
In the whisperings of tales in the shanties behind me
Lie kingdoms incited to war by your song

5. Many a soul was torn open and bleeding
Up from the hollows of Hell screamed their throng
And the wrenching and pain it has torn my soul open
Yet alas, only able to gift you with song

6. Well hello to the Winter farewell to the Fall
Trees are icicle-laced shatter their call
We bid you good parting your memory burns
For nine moons in our hearts until you return

7. Yet the wood remains peaceful

   his dreams they are sleeping
The quiet has done the fair poet no wrong
In the moonlight, heís weeping

   his dreamland is timeless
His ship ever sailing into Avalon

8. In sonorous sanctum the poetess eloquent
Drinks of the cup from his passions well drawn
Wishes him well on his journeys to within
Farewell to the bard then until Winterís gone


            E                 C                D              E
9.Yes hello to the Spring again welcoming thaw

           E             C                D             E
Your music shall ring within gracing our halls

      E               C               D                 E
All hail your return as the warming sun burns

         E             C                    D          E
For nine moons in our hearts until you return

        E              C                    D            E
For nine moons in our hearts until you return   (fade)