SONA Songs
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Songs from the SONA CD:

Acoustic Naked Ladyland

All Naked Women are Beautiful
Of course they are! It's Mother Nature's design.  A very clever, and very true, song by Papa Joe Credit. Inspired by a woman from Texas. And a woman from Minnesota. And a woman from Kansas. And... well, it's inspired by all the women in the world. Gods bless 'em.
SONA's "Blessed Be"
An old-style revival tune by Daddy Joe and Joe "Trip" Credit III. (NOTE: I think Joe III really needs a good nickname, so I am calling him "Trip", short for "triple", ie, the third.  Please email me if you come up with any better nicks for Joe III, such as "Mr. JC3". Thanks.) Many groups have a "Blessed Be" song, but Cern thinks SONA's is the best :)


Also known as "Shine So Bright". The full title is "Bliss comes from a realization of Impermanence". A great truth of Buddhism, reminding us to abandon anxiety over losing things so we can enjoy the present.  In other words, "Party on, Snails!"
Buncha Lady
 A salute to the BBW's of the world.  We love you!
Gypsy Song
This Beltana tune will magically transport you into a gypsy camp.

Dance with a Dragon

Young Joe gets requests for this one. It's about getting in touch with Nature, farming sunshine and finding your way home. A great song to sing to our feathery friends while camping during Wolvenwold's Dragondance gatherings.
Merry Meet
Hello's and goodbye's are a part of the circle of life.  A classic pagan song from Papa Joe.

Millay D

JC3 puts Edna St. Vincet Millay's poetry to music. It's about becoming ready to explore one's own shadow side.

Patience Isn't About Things

Another JC3 song about giving a relationship time to grow. We all need patience to scratch itches and listen to each other's bitches.


A bouncy instrumental rendition of the immortal song "Over the Rainbow" with guitar, mandolin and violin. The guitar chords for SONA's version are here.

She Xing

Beltana shows her rocky side with this love song that has a touch of magick from a Chinese Goddess.
Snails Ho!
Affectionately known by Indiana pagans as "The Nipple Ring Song". This is a song Beltana wrote about a "Pagan Spirit Gathering " (PSG) she attended. I'd like to know more of what she did after she got off her broken chair :)  Anyway, this song captures the spirit of pagans camping in the woods together. Snails ho!
Joe Credit's song for those of the Northern path. A very masculine and Norse vision of death. As this song gets the hearing it deserves in the pagan community, it will no doubt be on the lips of many Asatruan men at the end of their journey here on this world.

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Songs from the SONA CD:



Blues River

 The Blues. Everybody has them every now and then. Singing this song will help you finish your bowl of beans and feel a little better.
 A Calypso-style parody song about some ridiculous theology some folks have.
More parody, to get your toes a-tappin' in Texas.  I hope nobody has any matches.
Considered Beltana's best "pagan" song to date. Beware: You may put yourself at risk listening to this song under a sycamore tree.
A playful tune that makes you feel good about yourself. Who cares what people think!  Just sing a little song to yourself as you're driving down the road with your SONA CD in your car's CD player.
Where pagans find peace of mind.
SONA claims this song is about "relationships". Mmm. There appears to be a hidden meaning though (for all you occultists) which has something to do with a paper-like "thing" half that the human race initially "lose" when passion rises too high. And I'm not talking about men.  Well, at least, that's my unofficial take on the song. Of course, I could be wrong. Listen again to the song, then email me if you still aren't sure.
Papa Joe bucks the "sad minor key" trend in pagan music with this hilariously funny song.  Oom pa pa. The cows and chickens keep entertained on Sona's farm :)
Bring your drum and your gong and take a psychedelic spoonwalk with Joe "Trip" Credit III.  Could the nick-name "trip" refer to something other than "triple" here?
"Darkened Lapiz Eyes in June" Splendidly woven lyrics and haunting music.
I had a powerful spiritual experience similar to what this song details, so it is my favorite Beltana song.


JC3 falls for a gal with big blue eyes. A song about love in all its innocence and youthful charms.

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Songs from the SONA & Loke E. Coyote CD:


Austin Pagan Pride

The "Fairy Dew Mead" song, written by the "Fairy Dew Mead" guy, Papa Joe.
Mr. JC3 and his love named "Mary" who have a star-crossed relationship, with Joey ending up doing time for her. This could be called a Pagan "adaptation" of Folsom Prison Blues.  By the way, I am just guessing at the lyrics of verse 2--  I have no idea what he's saying.  It almost sounds like JC's high on something?

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New Songs from SONA!!!

Some of these songs may be on a future SONA CD

A Year and a Day An autobiographical song from Papa Joe about making the traditional handfasting commitment of 366 days. That would be 367 days in a leap year :)   
Avocado or
Avocado in D
Look for this JC3 song on a new SONA CD or a solo CD called "Mandolinsanity". The songs calls us to look for the signs of Spring in all the green around you, even the silly looking avocado.
Ballad of Bogtane/Beltane How the 2004 Beltane storms and mudfest at Wolvenwold brought all the campers together.
Black Goddess A Beltana song about the mysterious and powerful Black Madonna statues
blue Bel's song about the many shades of blue in all of us and in the Goddess
The Chalice A song about women's spiritual self-empowerment and owning their own "chalice".

Eorthe's Song

A Beltana love song, about watching your lover sleeping and a promise to meet under the Hunter's Moon.  On the Beltana CD and available on her websites (see above).
The Gift Papa Joe tells the story of how the Goddess brought us a wonderful gift in a miraculous healing plant filled with many useful properties, only for the government to take it away from us.
Masha'allah Shake it, shake it, shake it! JC3's new song.
Minnesota Snow (?) I'm not sure of the exact name of this Papa Joe song, but the gist is: when there's a Pagan gathering in Minnesota, you can usually expect snow to fall, no matter what season it is.  Blessed Burr!
Ozark Mountain Fire Home isn't a place in the past, its the inner "Ozark Fire" that you take with you. A song by Bel.
Light Glow A new song from Beltana, a Pagan mother's lullabye.
Sand Dollar Slot Machine This is JC3's new "star trek song" about turning back to Nature. 
The Secret Beltana's new song inspired by the popular book and by the power of intention.
Sonorous Sanctum A big hit on internet radio! Bel picks up the guitar and leads us to a blissful sanctuary of Pagan serenity. Also on the Beltana solo CD.
Sure Thing Myth This is my favorite new SONA song written by JC3. It's about not chasing after the shadows of religion, but being led by the big blue sign (the sky) and the yellow arrow (the sun). At least, that's what I think its about. 
Wedding at Wildwood A touching handfasting song from Papa Joe.

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