“Millay D” By Joe Credit III

Words from “Journal” from Mine the Harvest  by Edna St. Vincent Millay



tune string 6 to D (re) and string 1 to d (re')


intro: Dm (h.o. F,  h.o. C)  and Chorus

harmonics:   4/7  4/12… 4/7  4/5



1. That need is mine which comes to each
                            (C)        Dm

To speak aloud in honest speech


What doubts and dogmas have confined
                             (C)       Dm

The shadowy acres of his mind.

If I, making my awkward way
Among my cluttered thoughts some day,
The lost and ominous key should find
To the sealed chamber of my mind,


                    F                   G

Ch:    Would I the secret room explore
           F                      E

And, knowing what I know, know more?

      F                       G
As in that chamber might be found;

         F        G          Dm
Else now I should be underground.



2. What fearful thing might not there be
Therein, to take away from me
The remnant of my little hour?
Which, dark though it be, is not so dour



3. It might be, now I think of it
That such a key would nicely fit

In which case, it would be fairly wise

To leave it lying where it lies  (Ch 2x)