Dance with a Dragon

(aka, “Find Your Way Home”; the “Bird Song”) by Joe Credit III


Capo ii

intro: D  C   D  C;  D   C  G  D   C   G;  (tacit) D  A  C  G


      D              A         C                     G

1. Now is the time for talkin’ in your sleep

D                  A         C              G          

  With works of love livin’ in a dream

D       A     C                   G

  A dream that we never wake from

D       A              C                 G

  A dream that sparkles in the night

D                      A           C                    G

  We’ll watch a day out, passions never ending

D                A                         C     G

  And farm sunshine from the tree here

D          A                C                      G

  Soon we’ll know why the birds are singing

D                                   A            C      G                       D         A  C  G   

  While we bathe in the sand, the warm sand down by the riverside


       D           A              C                   G

Ch:    Nightingale gonna sing a song in daytime

       D                A    C                G

Mockin’ bird sing a song, don’t be wrong

       D                 A        C                                        G

Screaming eagle drop your branches and your arrows

        D           A                       C                   G  D   A   C  G

Little sparrow hope you find your way home


2. Nighttime falls on the giant sycamore

On the next look I heard a duzzy round

Hear the lizards drummin’ in the moonlight

While butterflies are hanging by the fire

It’s the honey that closer to a flood now

Drop all you can but don’t fall down from spinning

Even make love aftermath has given

Come on to the grove and love and lie (Ch 2x)


          C              G                    D

(Tag:) Hope you find your way home!