"Burnin' Time in Texas" by Joe Credit of Sona
 2000 SONA , used with permission


"Now we know this is Texas, so we wanna hear a big yee-haa. Can I hear a big Texas yee-haa?"   


Intro (in C):    C       G 7     C,      C      G7     C  C#7  D7      (transpose to G)

    It's BURNIN' TIME IN TEXAS, let them witches be bright
               D7                                        G
    They burn through the night, and ain't we havin' fun?
    It's BURNIN' TIME IN TEXAS, set them witches alight
               D7                                                  G     (G7)
    Let's burn ‘em down for Jesus one by one!

        C                                          G
1. It only stands to reason that witchery is treason
         A7                                      D7
Cuz Jesus was there at the Alamo
         C                                                   G
We taught ‘em to be Christians, but they just wouldn't listen
         A7                                             D7   D#7   D7
Now I'm afraid they're gonna hafta go.                   (Ch)

            C                                                    G
2. We really hate to see this, but we're doin' it for Jesus
         A7                                                D7
We know that he'd be with us here today.
         C                                                G
Our ways mean nothin' to ‘em, so we'll just barbecue ‘em
         A7                                                           D7
And serve ‘em up with beans, the cowboy way!   (Ch)


    Instrumental 1: mandolin in C  (chorus)

     C       G 7     C       G7    C     C7
    Instrumental 2: guitar in F  (verse and chorus)

     F  C   D7   G7 ,     F  C   D7   G7    G#7    G7

     C    G7    C    G7    C  C#7   D7  

               C                                                  G
3. They say they're only pagan, but we know they worship satan
         A7                                                 D7
We know that's what the bible has to say.
            C                                    G
And, though I never read it, I know the bible said it,
               A7                                        D7
They're different so now they hafta pay!  (Ch)

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