Comes from the Realization of Impermanence

By JC3 (Joe Credit III)


Aach!   (intro:)  Em  C  Am  D



Em                         C             Am                                   D          Em

1. These words are unimportant,    these actually (be) forgotten in time

Em                    C                Am                  D                     Em

    Some part of us will disappear  where the rest will stay behind

Em                     C        D               Am   Em             C    Am      D

    This doesn’t have a meaning or a way,     and I’m sure that its free



       G       F          C7                G      F                 C7

Ch:    We have to know that fear    to push it to the light,

       G            F          C7           G          F                             C7

let the shadows disappear     and soon all will shine so bright

       G   F  C7        G       G  F C7         G       G  F C7       Em  C  Am  D

Shine… so bright,    Shine… so bright,   Shine!




Em          C       Am           D           Em        Em   C  Am   D

2.  So is there a hurry to ignore the present?    

Em                 C            Am                        D

     If you are born you know you’re gonna die

Em                             C           Am                D                   Em     Em C  Am   D

   Should you waste away with nothing but a castle made of sand?

Em         C           Am                D  

    Recognize that you can live a lie                        

Em                C            Am    D          Em      C   Am  D

      And that now is the only time you get.                       (Ch)





Em                      C        Am                     D              Em  C  Am  D

3. Transport the cortical,     eliminate the clinging

Em                         C                 Am          D      Em      C  Am   D

     Understand the fullness (and) we shall meet again

Em                      C        Am                      D

     Time equals death, a countdown to the end     (Ch)