“Avocado (Drop Down D)”  by Joe Credit iii




Drop down (6) to D                Eb= XXX343


Lengthy instrumental intro-  (mostly a blues riff on the Dm chord).

notes:   A-f’-d-c-d-c- A-c-g  (bend the f)

D- f’-d-c-d-c- g-c-A 


Guitar plays (6), (5) and (4) strings on the same fret together up and down the neck:

intro:   D(open), F(iii), G(v)   (repeat)

           D(open), F(iii), E(ii) Eb (i).


Mandolin plays these chords:

Intro:   D  F  C (repeat)

           D  F(v)  E(iv)  Eb(iii) (tacit…)    “It’s a m*f*in’ avocado....”



  D                         F        C*   D                   F            C

1.   Its a breaking branch,       there’s a faerie on the phone

D                       F     C    D                 F         C          (D F C 4x)

  Coffee in my hand,         puppy on a gilded throne


  D                     F    C    D                   F        C

2. Portrait on a wall,        pentacle in a broken window

D                  F         C    D                            F       C         D

   Minnesota pinecone,     a frame drum made by a child



             D  F                C                           Eb             D 

Chorus:   Forever Spring,     little flowers on ev’rything

Descant: A- vo-              ca-                         do


    D        F                 C                   Eb             D

    Your hair is blonde,     tomorrow maybe grey

    A-      vo-               ca-                   do


    D       F                C                          Eb                D

    Ah, -mazing grace,    empty bottles upon my shelf

    A-vo-                    ca-                        do


    D    F                    C                          Eb                  D    (D F C 4x)

    A long black hose,    carries water to someplace else

    A-vo-                    ca-                         do



  D                     F     C    D                     F       C

3. Its a highway sign,       green table and easy chair

  D                     F      C    D                    F              C

    Smiles all the time,       still talking but nobody’s there



Instrumental (16 bars) then Ch


Repeat v. 1, 2, & Ch.




*mandolin plays a C throughout, but guitar always plays G(v) on the 6,5,4 strings... as in the intro.