by Sona

© 200
2 SONA , used with permission

intro:   (instrumental verse)

        Em                               G                       D                         Em
1. In olden days when sails unfurled, Vikings burst onto the world
Em                              G                                D                        
England, Ireland, Scotland, Wales all learned to fear the sea
          Em                             G                   D                               Em
Sent many a Christian soul to hell, but sometimes the Viking fell
          Em                                 G                       D                              Em
And when they did, they cast a spell to summon the Valkyrie

                   G                   D               G                                                              D
Ch:     O, Valkyrie! O, Valkyrie! From the land of ancient snow and ice
          Em                    D   
    O, Valkyrie! Now do you come for me?
                                       B7                                   Em
    Will you take this mortal man on to paradise?

                Em                               G                  D                                   Em
2. With streaming lustrous golden hair rides a white steed through the air
 Em                            G                         D
down to where a broken man is waiting soon to die
 Em                       G                      D                        Em
Takes her hero by the hand, takes him onto Odin's land
   Em                               G                              D                      Em
If you met her, you'd understand why dying Vikings cry:   (Ch)

     Em                        G                   D                             Em
3. From Valhalla's allies' fort, from the coldness of the north
 Em                      G                         D
Guided by the love that Odin sends us from the sky
       Em                G                       D                        Em
But I'm an ordinary man, no Viking sword is in my hand
       Em                       G                        D                              Em
my fate uncertain, still I stand to summon the Valkyrie    (Ch)

    Em                    G                  D                       Em
4. Now I'm tired of this life, tired of all my stress and strife
 Em                       G                         D
And I know Valhalla's hidden from the likes of me
Em                     G                    D                                   Em
Odin hear my silent plea, come with earth and wind and sea
                     Em                       G                         D                      Em
Come and rescue what is left of me and send the Valkyrie   (Ch)