Tate's Dream ("Darkened Lapis Eyes in June")
Lyrics by Beltana, music by SONA
© 2000 SONA, used with permission
intro:   Dm   Dm/F    C/E    C   Gm/Bb   Gm  A   (repeat throughout song)

  dm            C      Bb         A      dm     C        Bb      A
Darkened lapis eyes in June, flow into the July Moon
dm   C  Bb  A  dm C Bb A     (instrumental, same chords)
Horse's Hair,  Am I there?

dm       C       Bb        A     dm    C       Bb     A
Otherworldly Underland, Calledonni, am I sad?
dm   C     Bb A  dm   C   Bb A
Midnight Mare, Soul Be-ware

dm               C            Bb          A
This is the stoking of elegant fire
 dm                      C                    Bb               A
Crown me with stars are you mad with desire
 dm               C                       Bb               A
Stars in my hand more than any Witch had
dm          C                Bb            A
Am I in love with you or am I mad?

dm         C            Bb       A          dm         C         Bb        A
Honey shared in Her defense, shadow cast on countenance
  dm    C    Bb A  dm  C    Bb A
Weirdness rule,   are you cool?

dm      C       Bb        A     dm           C      Bb     A
Holy spirits, holey stone, roaming polyphony roam
dm  C  Bb A  dm C       Bb A
Gift of Green, absinthe dream

 dm                C               Bb                 A
Tate's in the tavern and everything's fine
dm                 C               Bb               A
Dine on the darkening blood of the vine
dm                        C                  Bb                    A
Madness that's made of the Wormwood so fair
dm           C                 Bb                  A
Yes! I remember the taste of Your dare

dm              C        Bb        A
Darkened Lapis eyes in June
dm          C    Bb           A
Are you enjoying the Moon?