Snails Ho!
(aka,"Vacation at PSG";  "The Nipple Ring Song")
    by Beltana of SONA
© 2002 SONA , used with permission

intro: C    F   Bb   F    F          C
                     C                           F
1. Well the snails took off down vendor's row
         Bb          F                         C
on a sunny sensational summer's day
          C                               F                     Bb  F               C
We slithered along into the pagan towne into P.S.G. from F2K
                       C                   F
Well we were on vacation or so it seemed,
                Bb                    F                                        C
we were sucked into the morning meeting at the towne green
         C              F               Bb                 F                     C    (C7)
Oh, well, that's ok, we were up from the night before anyway

                      F                     C                        G                     C         C7
        Ch:    Beautiful sun and welcome rain, my family's back together again
              F                      C                                     G                                 C
            Violins cry and whippoorwills sing, but the faeries took off with my nipple rings

2. Got the moon-owl howl and the double crab crawl,
Blueberry mead, hey, we got it all
We got a Kittin and a Blinky dog too
jump on the pagan wagon doing titty floot two
There were lovers from the tea party on the brink
enjoying carnal knowledge on the port-a-potty sink
too much punch a missing bottle of Crown
let's all get down and do the turtle mound pound   (Ch)

3. There's a ferocious fire-breathing silver dragon on the loose
with a fuzzy bunny tail for a caboose
As he circles the fire pit,
he's doing metaphysical and intellectual wit
There were f*cking fuzzy bunnies bouncing everywhere
so I got right up from my broken chair
"Snails Ho!" into the pagan towne,
let's have some more mead and groove with Green Crown! (Ch 2x)

             G7                                       C
...why would the faeries do such a terrible thing?
        G7                                                      CCC
The little bastards stole my nipple rings!              (Oy!)