"Paper Floor"
by Joe Credit III
© 2000 SONA, used with permission

note: roman numerals in parenthisis after chords indicate the fret or position the chord is played at.

intro: D C D C
D                   C                  D              C
  Somewhere out there the rain falls down
  D               C                 D         C
Somewhere out there a whistle blows
D        C     D               C            D      C     D   C
  External, hopeless, insane and dumb

    D   F(v) G(vii) A(ix) A    (repeat)

    D       Am                   C         Fma7 C
1. She falls through the paper floor
D              Am         C          Fma7 C
  Stumbles past the velvet walls
D  Am       C              Fma7 C D    Am    C     Fma7 C
   into the heart of her deep desire
D          Am         C          Fma7 C
  This    pain  she never knew
D      Am      C               Fma7   C
  The love inside her just grew, yea,
D       Am         C          Fma7 C   D  
  and pushed her to the     paper  floor

    D   F(v) G(vii) A(ix) A    (2x)

       D           C          D         C
CH: Passion falls around her,
D           C          D         C
  rises above her head
Bm                            G
Oh, the life seems so far away,
       A                  D           A                 D          A                    D
the poison of the day, the poison of the day, the poison of the day

    D   F(v) G(vii) A(ix) A    (repeat)

    D       Am                   C            Fma7 C
2. She stands to see the moistened glass
D                 Am          C         Fma7 C
  The pain is gone and so is missed
D         Am            C                     Fma7 C
  She walks to the corner and lays softly
D       Am        C               Fma7 C
  This love she never knew
D       Am     C                Fma7 C
  The pain inside her just grew,
D       Am          C                  Fma7C   D         D   F(v) G(vii) A(ix) A    (repeat)
  and pushed her   through the pap- er floor

(Ch, v1 & Ch)

    D   F(v) G(vii) A(ix) A    (repeat)

    A(ix) G(vii) A(ix) G(vii) A(ix) G(vii)  A  D