" Meditation" by Joe Credit
© 2000 SONA, used with permission

(capo II)
       G                                          C                  G
1. When the world is cruel, and I am at the end,
       G                 (A7)                  D  A7 D7
A story most unkind, but often told,
 G                                   C                       G
All I find is trouble, and I don't have a friend,
       G                    D7                     G   C G
But I can find contentment in my soul.

                G                                  D                      G
Ch: I just do a little meditation, do a little 
 G                                   A                    D   A7 D7
Leave this world's frustration far behind
           G                                                     C                             G
It just takes a little concentration and a little bit of good vibration
         G                   D7                    G   C G
And you'll find liberation in your mind.

2. First I cast a circle just big enough for one
Then I seek solutions deep inside
It only takes a little while, but brother, when it's done,
My poor searchin' soul is satisfied.  When I...  (Ch)

3. You can find your spirit guides to help you on your quest.
They can help to get you through the fear.
All they do is point the way, and you can do the rest
Ever friendly, they will soon appear.  When you...  (Ch)

4. If you've got a problem that seems too big to face,
And you don't know which way you should go,
Just look deep within you, and find that tranquil place,
Then you'll realize and you will know.  When you... (Ch)