"Land of the Sidhe"
Lyrics by Beltana, music by SONA
© 2000 SONA , used with permission

        Em                                 D
The twilight rolled over the hill on the Tor
            C              B7             Em
The horizon was violet and grey
                   C                     B7                     Em
Then the Moon rose the Wolf howled his plea
             Em                           D
So She lighted afoot on the forested path
                 C                    B7                  Em
And the creatures they followed Her lead
              C                B7                Em  
To the dangerous home of the Sidhe
         C                     E
The silvery sky illumined Her gold hair
               C                   D              Em
As She made her ascent on the hill
          C                                       E
She gathered her courage & made Her way still
              C              D              Em
To the magickal Sycamore Tree

       Em                                           D
She lay down her treasures and gifts to the Fey
                  C                   B7            Em
And She sang of Her heart to the sky
              C                           B7                Em
"If the dawn comes come searching for me"
            Em                                           D
& the drums began pounding their sensuous tune
                C                           B7                  Em
And Her soul danced with pain and with glee
                    C                          B7             Em
And She danced round the Sycamore Tree
         C                                        E
The Coyotes laughed at the sparkling sky
             C            D                      Em
All the colors of life shimmered by
                 C                                      E
Then the earth underfoot started rumbling nigh
           C                 D                 Em
And it opened before earthly eyes,  
    Em             C          D            Em

                Em                                   D
O she moved thru the shadows into the deep hill
                 C                       D              Em
And She saw the most wondrous things
                   C                             B7               Em
And they whispered, "Come dancing with we"
       Em                                  D
She felt gentle fingers run through Her soft hair
               C                 D                  Em
And the kisses that covered Her skin
            C                 D                Em
In the next breath She noticed He
        C                                           E
His eyes shone like crystals of blue from the sea
       C              D                 Em
On velvet the raven haired Bel
        C                                           E
He said, "I have known you for millions of years"
                C                         D                     Em
And He took her and he cast His grand spell
    Em             C          D            Em

        Em                                     D
The sky disappeared & the moonlight was gone
              C              D                  Em
And the universe had no more time
                    C                    B7               Em
And They danced in the Land of the Sidhe
                 Em                                           D
Then the dawn came the sun rose & shone on the Tor
          C             D               Em
All alone on a hill stood the Tree
                 C                           B7          Em
And she whispered, "Don't worry for me."
          C                                      E
In a place without time under different sky
            C            D              Em
They dwell in a palace of gold
                 C                                      E
Singing music that mortals could never behold
             C           D          Em
and require no wings to fly
             C                                   E
And a century passed in the blink of a day
               C                 D               Em
And her village was ruined and burned
         C                                              E
Her loved ones were gone & she never returned...

                   C                D                            Em
From the Land of the King and Queen of Fey
                        C                D                             Em
Oo, from the Land of the King and Queen of Fey