"Gypsy Song"
by Beltana of Sona
© 2002 SONA, used with permission

intro tune–    ||: dm  A dm A :||    ||: gm A, gm A :||
gypsy song tune– ||: dm C A dm :||

       dm                          C
1. A lass in a field and a mandolin
   A7                         dm
Twirling skirts and a dev'lish grin
 dm                            C
Palm and sole of Mehandi Red
 A7                 dm
Burgundy going to her head

2. Beaded veils in the bordello
Sitar sings in the lantern glow
Move to the balalaika strings
Swim in the Buddha dripping springs

          dm                         C
Ch:    Dance with us on a gypsy path
     A7                                 dm
    Sing us to sleep with your gypsy laugh
     dm                     C
    Tell us a tale and ride on the wind
      A7                            dm
    Come and dance to the red violin

3. Silk is the road where the music flows
Gypsy's hair laced in amber stones
move like the light through the water he
follow the Prince of the Romany

Ch (5x)

(spoken:) Come, Babushka, let us dance!