"Burn in Hell" by SONA
© 2000 SONA, used with permission

    E                                             B7                                              E
1. I don't care if you believe or not - That heaven is cool and hell is hot.
   E                     E7                      A                                B7                                                 E / ^ /
Heaven is the place where the bliss never ends; the other place is full of your friends.
            E                           A                        B7                                        E
[Ch] BURN IN HELL, BURN IN HELL,  God'll make sure you don't feel so well
                  E7                A                      B7                                         E / ^ /
Burn your nose with a sulphury smell While you're burnin' in hell.

    E                         B7                                                    E
2. I don't drink and I don't smoke  I don't laugh at no jesus jokes
        E7                                      A                        B7                                     E  
You roll joints thinkin' you're gonna get high-- Brother, you're gonna fry.
                                           A                   B7                                        E
[Ch...] Let you sit next to Jerry Falwell While you're burnin' in hell.

    E                          B7                                                                 E
3. I don't swear and I don't sin.  If  you don't believe me, then I'll tell you again.
E7                                                       B7                                E
I love my neighbor, believe it or not And I never get caught.
                                                 A                              B7                             E
[Ch...] Have lotsa women like Oberon Zell,  And you're already in hell.

    E                                    B7                                                                                        E
4. Gotta be holy and you gotta be pure. Don't ask me what that means ‘cause I ain't quite sure
                 E7                                   A            B7                                      E
I think it might have something to do With who you're tryin' to screw.
                                      E7               A     B7                                        E
[Ch...] Maybe you can join the P.T.L.  While you're burnin' in hell.

     E                                      B7                                                               E
5. Gotta be clean and you gotta be straight If you wanna pass that pearly gate
 E7                                   A                 B7                                                E
Gotta live your life just like a saint In other words, be what you ain't!

                                      E7                A                                         B7                                  E
[Ch...] Freddy Phelps says "Don't ask and don't tell!" That's why he's burnin' in hell.

                                             E7            A                             B7                                        E
[Ch...] You can come and hang with Joe, Joe, and Bel  while you're burnin' in hell