"Buncha Lady"
(A Walkin', Talkin', Rockin' Pagan Goddess)
by Joe Credit of Sona
© 2002 SONA, used with permission

Bass blues licks:   E (E E G G#)     A (A A G# G# G G E E)

1. She walks with the rhythm of the universe

You never know which part of her will get there first
Her doctor says she's 50 pounds overweight
But I say he's fulls of it, she looks just great
  B7                              C7            B7
When I see her comin' I fall into a faint
And if I was Rueben she's the one that I would paint

                           A                    E
CH:    She's so shapely– so statuesque
                             A                         E
    Whole Buncha Lady, more of the best
        B7                         C7                   B7
    When I talk about her, I just can't be modest
    She's a genuine walkin' talkin' rockin' pagan goddess

2. Her body is theatrical as you can plainly see
She's got a roomy orchestra and classic balcony.
All the drama in between just puts me in a rage
and I can't wait to be the leading actor on her stage.
We can do rehearsals until we get it right
and then we'll play our Shakespeare until the morning light. (Ch)

(bridge):  Now you can keep your super-models and Christy-clones
I just want a woman whose got meat upon her bones.
Now I have been around awhile and I have found
        B7                               C7                     B7
that sexy minds can come in bodies that are round.  Wooo!

3. Well, she's a red hot mama and she's got some dangerous curves.
I'd like to go and tell her so, but I don't have the nerve.
Now I come from the country and I'm bringing you the news:
Out there the plumpest berries always have the sweetest juice.
She's sexy and she knows it-- the way she struts her stuff!
And if I ever get her there just won't be enough.  (Ch)