SONA's "Blessed Be!"
By Joe Credit III  and  Papa Joe
© 2002 SONA , used with permission

                          D                                              G                      D
Ch:     Blessed be! (Blessed be!) Sounding in the sacred night
                    D                                        E                   A
    Blessed be! (Blessed be!) In the soft celestial light
       D                  D7          G                    E
    Joining in the circle in perfect harmony
      D                                          A       D        G         D
    Singing out our praises: Blessed be! (Blessed be!)

       D                                 G                          D
1. Carving out a circle around the sacred fire
   D                                               E                         A
Calling on the ancient ones to raise our spirits higher
 D                                            G                       E
All join hands together and you can plainly see
                 D                                        A        D   G  D
That the Goddess is among us, Blessed be!           (Ch)

       D                                              G                    D
2. Now we stand together on a magic night in June
 D                                             E                           A
Softly singing praises and drawing down the moon
        D                                                         G                        E
In a circle cast between the worlds is where we want to be
    D                                             A       D   G  D
Hearts and souls together, Blessed be!           (Ch)

     D                                           G                  D
3. Now the circle's open and company departs
    D                                                   E                      A
It really isn't over, though, ‘cause this is where it starts
  D                                            G                E
All in different places but its obvious to me
                 D                                      A        D    G   D
that the Goddess is among us, Blessed be!             (Ch)

(Ch & tag line:)

        G          gm   D
    ...Oh, Blessed be!