"All Naked Women Are Beautiful"
    by Joe Credit
© 2002 SONA, used with permission

           D                     A                           G            A          D
intro:    I have traveled far and wide from Kansas to Kalamazoo
               E7                                                             A7
    And in all of my travels, I've found one thing to be true
            D               A                             G              A          D
    Now I admit I could be wrong, but I think that's not the case
            E7                                                                                      A
    Just ask any man with blood in his veins and he'll tell you to your face...

          D              G               A7        D                G             A7
Ch:    All naked women are beautiful, it's Mother Nature's design
      D                  G        D                              G
    They all look "betta" when they lose their "sweata"
            D             A7                D
    Yes, all naked women look fine

              D                                                A7
1. Now they don't need a body's that's sensational
to make the man around them inspirational
They only need to be dishabulational (?)
and they make their men grow posts procreational

                                   D                    G           D                  G
[Ch, add line 3]:  So please, don't be modest, dress like the Goddess

2. Now all their body styles don't matter to me
Buxom, bodacious or flat as can be
All that really matters is that I can see
and you wear your birthday suit most flatteringly

[Ch, add line 3]: They all look best when they are undressed...

3. I have a friend who is just as gay as can be
And I could not believe what he was sayin' to me
he goes to certain bars and don't mind payin' to see
the thing I just hope I have waitin' for me

[Ch, add line 3]: Any man who sees will tell you he agrees...

4. Naked women have an air of mystery
that's driven all men crazy throughout history
They can be seductive or sisterly
But they drive their men wild most consistently
[Ch, add line 3]: They look their best when they are undressed

Now one more time with feeling...

[Ch, add line 3]: They curve in the right places, they even have faces...