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Songs by:


Alexian "It's cool to be a witch... what a world!"
Anne Hill Her "Circle Round" is fun pagan music for children.
Avalon Rising Celtic / Psychedelic / Medieval / Folk / Rock
Bellawyck The "goddesses of groove" who rock Pagans of the Midwest and beyond.
Beverly Frederick Singer, violinist, yoga instructor and Reclaiming member.
Best of Pagan Song Collection of classic songs by Pagans from the '70's to today.
Beltana Spellsinger Sexy, sonorous sounds that conjure feminine love and power.
Bone Poets Orchestra aka Gaia Consort (listed below)
Brenda Allen Moser Thalian singer-songwriter and friend who passed to the other side in 2009.
Catherine Madsen part of the "Greater Lansing Spinsters Guild"
Celia Farran Red-headed author of the protest song "Symbol" that helped get the Pentacle approved. Trestle Foote Faerie songs, too!
Charlie Murphy Burning Times
Damh the Bard Excellent Pagan folk music from Great Britain
Dar Williams mentored by Joan Baez, Dar sings about being Pagan at Christmas dinner.
Deva Primal Singer of Hindu chants with western melodies
Dreamtrybe/Velvet Hammer Austin TX all female progressive rock band, which includes Ginger Doss (see GBMojo below), Lynda Millard and Tabber Millard.
Emerald Rose Celtic American Folk Rock from a fun-loving Pagan viewpoint.
Gaia Consort Great Pagan songs from Seattle. Also known as Bone Poets Orchestra.
Gaia's Voice a Pagan choral music group that was started in 1987
GBMojo Ginger Ross and Bekah Kelso, Austin's dynamic duo.
Gwydion Pendderwen Legendary Pagan Performer
Gypsy Her Enchantress CD was groundbreaking for Pagan music in 2001
Gypsy Nomads Scott and Samantha bring you Pagan percussion music & songs in French.
Holly Tannen The Mistress of Folklore

Hugin the Bard

Folk tunes based upon ancient Celtic lore.

Ian Corrigan Answer to the question song: "The Silver Queen Who Rides the Skies-O"
Laura Powers New Age artist of mellow songs with Pagan themes.
Libana A professional women's chorus singing women's world music
Loke E. Coyote Trickster and friends present hilarious songs about Pagan life and herbs.
Mother Grove Celtic rock band that calls us to "listen to your Mother"
MotherTongue Celebrating music as the universal language.
Moving Breath Five women imbued by the spirit of the Goddess.

Parnassus/Chalice & Blade

Great original chants from Canadian Pagans.
Pasha & The Pagans a San Franciscan Pagan treat!

Pop Songs

Includes: Carlos Santana, King Harvest, the Eagles, Heart, Cat Stevens, Fleetwood Mac, Led Zeppelin and Uriah Heep,
Reclaiming Chants Great source of popular Pagan chants. Go to page 1 2 3
Robert Gass Interfaith/world chanting at its best.
Robert Mirabal Native American flute player, singer and songwriter
Ruth Barrett  
Sede Metal and Acoustic rock.
Shawna Carol Goddess Chants
Sophia New age songs and chants from this "songhealer"
S.J. Tucker, aka Skinny White Chick singer songwriter extraordinaire and magickal pixie
SONA The "Peter, Paul and Mary" of Pagan music. Creative, funny and inspiring songs from Bel and the Joes. For more about SONA, go to Cern's SONA fan page.
Spiral Rhythm Chants, drums, magick!
Susan Falkenrath One of the Muses of the Reclaiming Community, who passed over in 2008.
Three Weird Sisters Bewitched songs from these international spiritual sisters and songwriters.
Todd Alan Wisteria's famous bard
Wendy Rule Aussie hottie and Pagan rock queen
Wild Mercy Celtic tunes with original flair.
Yule Songs Paganized carols and Winter Solstice songs.

Please, feel free to email "cern DOT gman AT gmail DOT com" if you have any requests for other pagan song lyrics and chords, and I'll see what I can do.

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Cernowain Greenman is Priest of Iliaster Hearth of Thalia Clan.  

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