Chalice & Blade (Parnassus)

Chalice & Blade is the Canadian answer to Spiral Rhythm,
featuring Wiccan/Pagan lyrics and pleasantly woven vocals. 

Originally called Parnassus after the mystical mountain in Greece,

they changed their name to Chalice and Blade.

Their first CD as Parnassus was entitled "First Degree"

is my favorite and the chords and lyrics for the songs on this CD are below.

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“First Degree” CD


God + Goddess in Blue #7

King's Dance



Let My Eye Go to the Sun

Beauty of the Earth

Oh Shit, it's the Faeries

Rough Water

Circle is Open/Spirit of the Earth




Capo vii  (For group singing, I recommend removing the capo and playing in Em.

Alternately, you can capo ii and play in Am with the CD)


Em                   G     Bm       Em

A-tesh-na-anna, the dew is on  the grass

      D                    Bm      Em          D   Em
the spirit of the ancients we are children of the past
    Em                                  G           Bm      Em

the one breathe that creates us is the one breathe that we take
         D                       Bm       Em           D   Em

makes a rainbow round the world from the love that we all make


Em      Bm            Em

hey hey ya hey ya hey ya   (hey, hey ya!)

Em      Bm            Em

hey hey ya hey ya hey ya


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“God + Goddess in Blue #7”

 Lyrics by Jamie Field
Music traditional, adapted by Jamie Field


Capo ii

 Am                G    Am                 G     Am

Great Goddess, shining bright: Maiden, Mother, Crone

 Am               G    Am                G  Am
Light in the blessed night, shining for her own

C    Dm    C   E    C Dm    C   E
Oh, Great Goddess, Mother bless us


Am                 G    Am               G   Am
Horned God, old forest lord: Dancing in the wood

Am                      G   Am               G   Am
His pipes call through the land, calling who he would

 C   Dm    C  E     C    Dm   C  E
Feel his pleasure, dance his measure


Am                      G  Am                            G Am

Oh, Great Goddess, Mighty Lord: who by this song are now adored

Am                 G   Am                     G   Am
You are the source of life, You are the gates of death
C  Dm  C    E    C Dm  C    E

So we dance in spiral with you


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“King's Dance”

by Mojo, Jamie Field and Dennis Chesworth


(Intro is spoken and I strum once each chord here.  On the CD, there are no chords, it is all a capella)


(Am)                  (Em)

“Oak King rises in the winter time

(Am)                   (Em)
Holly King rises in the summer time

    (Dm)                    (Am)
The Wheel turns round, it's solstice time

        (Am)  (Em)  (Am)     E7
And the Kings dance on…”


(Play with  a jazzy swing feeling to the beat, You may want to  play the rest of the chords as barre chords

—or capo V and play in Em)


        Am            G         Am

Winter solstice, the Oak King's rising

         Am           G         Am
See the stars in the long night sky

         Am            Dm    Am              Em
Shortest day, longest night Darkness turns bright
    Am        G       Am     E7

The Oak King rises tonight


Wheel of the year keeps turning
Kings dance round and round
All nature sings for the dance of the kings
The earth swings round the sun


Summer solstice Holly King's rising
See the sun climb high in the sky
In the mid-summer heat, Darkness is sweet
Holly King rises tonight



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by Mojo


Dsu4 XX0032   Cma7 X32000


Intro: Em    D   Em   D


Em                           D            D  Dsu4 Em

  Last night I paused and I know not why (Oh, oh, oh)
Em                           D      D  Dsu4 Em

  To gaze out my window and wonder (Oh, oh, oh)
Em                          D

  On this lonely night when I must die
          Am2                     Am2  Cma7

Will they miss me (will they miss me)

          Am2                     Am2  C

Will they miss me (will they miss me)


     G                    D                     D7   G

Ch:    I will go with my head held high (Oh, I will go)

     G                      D              D7   G
   On this path laid before me  (Go before me)

     G                         D
   I will go out with my head held high

                C         D
   It's my destiny


2. The clouds I see and the river that flows
Grass that bends and the wind that blows
Ones I love and surely they love me
Will they miss me, will they miss me


3. The time has come and I feel so weak (woah, woah)
Shake and shiver, I can't even speak (woah, woah)
One last long and final look
Will they miss me, will they miss me




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Music by: Mojo, Wendy Avis and Kelly Kent
Lyrics by: Kelly Kent and Wendy Avis


(I love this song, but I need to capo ii or iii and sing it an octave lower--Cern)


Intro: D    A     D   A   (& one verse w/ flute or recorder, and intro)


 D           A                 G      A

Down by the harbor where the breezes blow
    D               A                 G              A

I stroll along the beach and see the tide start to flow
     D                A                  D

I'm wondering which course to take this time
     A                 D

The map is open before me
            A             G      A

A sign, a guide to set me on my way


            G              A

(Ch):    Constellations in the sky

  G               A
Guide me to new shores

         G               A
Marking voyages through darkness

As we float across the universe

        G                     A                 D
Reminds us that there's more out there to know


    D           A              G  A

2. On a ship I sail across the ocean
 D            A                  G  A

Watching the waves I feel their motion
     D                 A              D

The horizon stretches wide across my mind
            A               D

I feel the currents pulling me
               A             G         A

The air, the smell, I feel alive and free   (CH)


   D              A              G A

3. I look to the sky and see my future

 D            A                   G       A
Pictures up above their meaning crystal clear

      D              A
The stories held within their light
         D                 A

As they dance across the starry night
     D               A                G      A

The path ahead, the journey fills me with delight



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“Let My Eye Go to the Sun”

by Ian Ross Williams

Gsu4   320013


capo ii    (I recommend capo V)   


G                 C        D

  In my heart I heard you callin'

G                 C      D
  All around and deep below

G                 C      D
  Sounded like a river flowin'
G                 C  D7    G

  Felt the early morning glow


             G                          C      D

Ch:  Well I    see the leaves and the shadows dancing

   G                C     D
I see another day begin

       G               C       D
And I    let my eye go to the sun and

   G                C  D7   G
Let my life go to the wind.


2. From the mountains to the valley
Rushing to the rocks below
Water falling, overflowin'
Now the seeds begin to grow


               G                    C   G

Bridge: And the sun will rise in the morning
                C              C  D

  And the wind will carry on

                G                    C   G

  And the sun will rise in the morning
                C   /B   /A    Gsu4   G

  And the wind will carry on


3. In my heart I heard you callin'
All around and deep below
Sounded like a river flowing
Felt the early morning glow




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“Beauty of the Earth”

Music and Lyrics adapted by: Jamie Field


(For group singing, I capo ii and play in Em with the chords: “Em  D  C  B7” for the first three lines, and the last line “Em D Em")


Capo ii


 Am  G F       E

Beauty of the earth
 Am    G           F E

White moon on the water
Am       G    F      E

You are she, who we find
       Am  G     Am

At the end of desire




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"Oh Shit, it's the Faeries"

Music and Lyrics by: Kelly Kent

Capo iii  (I recommend capo V)


   Am          G              F          Em

1. Under the starlight, the shadows are shifting
        Am          G              Fma7        G

If you look to the corner, in the blink of an eye.
           Am                      F           Em

They'll appear in their Ceiligh a-dancing and whirling.
         Am            G                 F      G  Am

If They knew you were watching, they'd quick disappear.



      F    G    Am             G             F           Em

Ch:  It's the… Fey-Folk, the Faeries, they twirl in the moonlight

 Am           G         Fma7        G
Laughter and dancing entrancing you in.

 Am             G            F             Em
Dance with me Faeries, come join in their laughter

 Am            G           F      G   Am
Whirling and spinning is drawing you near.


2. In the center you see her on a throne trimmed with garland
She's Morghanna their queen and she's leading their songs
Her robe shines like rainbows, her hair's filled with jewels
But hush now she's seen you and sounds the alarm.


3. The sky fill with firelight and their shrieks are of anger
They've taken to flight and their heading your way.
You run like a stag but they're nipping your heels
Then you fall and pass out and they drag you away.


4. You awake in a meadow to the sunrise and birdsong
Your body is tingling with the pain from the fall.
Your clothes are on backwards and you're feeling the fool
But in the forest the wind sounds a bit like a song


                  Am         G             F       G  Am

Tag: Yes, in the forest the wind sounds a bit like a song…





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Rough Water

 by Mojo, Wendy Avis, Kelly Kent, Jamie Field


(for group singing, try capo iii)


     Dm          F        C

Ch: Rough water carry me home

 Dm          F        C
Rough water carry me home

 Dm          F        C
Rough water carry me home

Across the sea



1. Well, I wandered down this path many years ago

 C                                    Dm
Looking for something, what, I don't know

I thought the easy path was the one for me

              C                                Dm
But it's the hard lessons learned that set me free. I’m sayin’…


2. Tumbling waves and a rocky boat
I hope I can keep myself afloat
I'm gonna tread water in spite of the pull
But it's tough when you're carrying such a load. Cryin’… 


3. Tossing and turning, awake in my bed
Troubles and worries swimming through my head
Sometimes I wonder how I'm gonna survive
But it's rough water sailing, I know I'm alive


4. When things get bad, where do I look?
Don't need to consult the stars or books
I look to the Goddess who is inside of me
Cast a magick circle and say blessed be! I’m sayin’…


5. Near or far, no matter where I roam
I'm never really far from home
Well, the hard times are gonna keep chasing me
Weave a magick spell, so mote it be! I’m tryin’




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"Circle is Open"

Author unknown

(I recommend capo ii for group singing)


Dm         C  Dm

Circle is now open

Dm  C  Dm C

But unbroken

Dm     C        Dm    C

Merry meet and merry part

    Dm         C Dm

And merry meet again


"Spirit of the Earth"

Music by Brooke Medicine Eagle, Lyrics by Kathryn Christian


 Dm        C   Dm    

Spirit of the earth,

Dm     C   Dm   C

Strengthen me
 Dm        C   Dm      C

Spirit of the earth,

  Dm          C Dm

strengthen my body
 Dm        C   Dm    

Spirit of the earth,

   Dm          C   Dm   C

strengthen my body and

 Dm   C   Dm





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