Loke E. Coyote

"Loke E. Coyote" is a Pagan rock band, led by a "Wiccabilly Priest" named Trickster. Various midwest Pagan musicians have been a part of this "Magickal Musical Mischievous Mayhem" that has become legendary in the Pagan community. The result has been a Pagan conglomerate of multiple musical genres and hilariously rip-roarin' songs that will have you laughing your arse off. The Gods must have been crazy to inspire this combination of talent, humor and fun, and we are so lucky they did!

The Loke E. Coyote website can be found at http://wiccabilly.com where you can find lyrics, CD's, cartoons, short stories, and lots more.  It's a Wiccabilly Circus of Fun.

Chords and lyrics to songs by Trickster :
Pan and Aphrodite A song about lust at first sight from the Druid Four Winds: a Pagan Rock Opera (Act 1). This musical of 24 original songs is a powerful and creative expression of the Pagan mind and heart dealing with the intensities of life, anguish, heartache, learning and our relationship with the Goddess and God.  This work blows "Jesus Christ Superstar" AWAY! Kudos to Trickster and the many talented Pagan artists and groups featured on this superstar double CD.
Beltane A song of whimsy, grace and fun. Also from Druid Four Winds.
Pagan Night Out This clever gem, which promotes one of the most successful grassroots movements in Paganism, "Pagan Night Out", is found on the MeGaPaGaTeXaPaLooZa Austin Pagan Pride CD.
Move Over Jehova What do you do when a J.W. knocks on your door at 9am? This song tells you what Trickster did. This song kicks that old "jealous God" to the curb.
Castin' Circle An opening ritual in song, by Trickster and Diana.
Labor Day of Love This is the true story of how Pagans came together to address hatred and intolerance.
W.I.C.C.A. This is Loke E. Karaoke at its best.  Have fun with this tune twister from the Trickster.

“Pan and Aphrodite”

by Trickster

The Story: Stag and Flower have met and fallen in lust. Taking on the personalities of Pan and Aphrodite. they playfully chase each other in an ages old mating dance.


Opens with the playing of Pan pipes— see if you can fit them in your harmonica holder while playing guitar. Trickster plays harmonica in the instrumental verse (v 3).


Plays well with a blues pattern, or just play the chords. 


E(iv)= 0xx454


   A              E

1. I am Aphrodite.  And I am Pan 

  A                    E

Great Goddess almighty.  Oh man. oh man!

    D                              E(iv)

I caught a glimpse of you thru the bushes and the trees.

     D                             E(iv)

You got my heart a poundin and I'm wobbly in the knees.

  D                            E(iv)

Frolic in the woods with me a while if you please?

 D                             E(iv)

Tell me all you know about the birdies and the bees.


    A                  E

Ch:  Pan and Aphrodite.  Women and men.

    A                  E

Pan and Aphrodite.  Merry meet again.

    A                  E

Pan and Aphrodite.  Since way back when.

    A                  E

Pan and Aphrodite.  It's always happenin’.

    A                  E

Pan and Aphrodite.  We do the mating dance.

    A                  E

Pan and Aphrodite.  We wear the goatskin pants.

    A                  E

Pan and Aphrodite.  Eyes meet in sultry glance.

    A                  E                              A

Pan and Aphrodite.  Every time we get the chance...



2. You are a nymph. I am a satyr

a lusty little nymph. a horny satyr

I'll show you my Pan pipe. maybe play a couple notes

I'm Venus on a half shell. would you like to float my boat?

when I look at you I want to sew some wild oats

sheep can go to heaven but I'd rather play with goats   (Ch)


3. Instrumental (Ch)



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Lyrics and Music by Trickster
no capo*

                    Ema7                            Dma7
1. Oh! The Greenman wakes from his winter rest
    Ema7                 Dma7
to host this Pagan fertility fest
          Ema7                     Dma7
From north and south and east and west
         Ema7                 Dma7
come joyful celebrants, all are blessed

         Ama7                    Dma7
ch:     Beltane's here, celebrate the May
    Ama7                              Dma7
    nymphs and satyrs coming out to play
           Ama7                    Dma7
    with elves and fairies and all things fey
        Ama7                 Dma7
    to feel the magick of life this day
       Ema7                 Dma7
2. Upon the maypole rests a wreath
Ema7                             Dma7
she and I dance together underneath
         Ema7                 Dma7
everything but we two fades away
   Ema7                   Dma7
a love so strong no words could ever say   (chorus)

          Ema7                                 Dma7
3. The ribbons round the maypole wind so tight
      Ema7                       Dma7
the light within your soul shines so bright
          Ema7                         Dma7
of my own free will I come to you this Beltane night
          Ema7                             Dma7
of our own free wills  we shall invoke the Great Rite   (chorus, instrumental, chorus)

        Ama7                Dma7
tag:    feel the magick of life this day
    Ama7                Dma7
    feel the magick of life this day
    Ama7                Dma7
    feel the magick of life

*an alternate key for regular singing range:
    capo up three and half steps, or play
    verse: Gma7 Fma7
    ch: Cma7 Fma7

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Pagan Night Out
    Lyrics and Music by Trickster

    D Dsu4    D2  D                D Dsu4 D2       D
1. I   look at my calendar the number says thirteen
     A                                      D
I wanna do some socializing, you know what I mean
    D Dsu4 D2            D                         D   Dsu4 D2     D
so I   put    on some freaky clothes and then I'm headed out
      A                                               D
to meet my Pagan buddies down at Pagan Night Out

         D Dsu4   D2   D2 D   D Dsu4  D2    D2 D
        Pa-gan     Night    Out, Pa-gan  Night     Out
         A                                               D
        everyone comes out because it's Pagan Night Out
        D Dsu4   D2   D2 D      D Dsu4  D2  D2 D
        Pa-gan   Night     Out,   Pa-gan  Night   Out
         A                                D
        telling everyone about Pagan Night Out

       G                                       D
2.  maybe you're a fortune teller or a basket weaver
          G                                             D
  and you been sitting home a lot and you got cabin fever
            G                                           D
  Now don't you bellyache about it, don't you whine and pout
          E                                           A
  just get your act together, come to Pagan Night Out

    Pagan Night Out, Pagan Night Out
    gonna scream and shout because it's Pagan Night Out
    Pagan Night Out, Pagan Night Out
    telling everyone about Pagan Night Out

                 G                                           D
2.  it don't take no Albert Einstein, don't take no Carl Sagan
          G                                              D
  to know you'll have a good time at a party full of Pagans
         G                                              D
  the bartenders all love us cause we drink a lot of beer
            E                             A
  it's a dozen of my favorite parties of the year

    Pagan Night Out, Pagan Night Out
    we drink alot of stout because it's Pagan Night Out
    Pagan Night Out, Pagan Night Out
    telling everyone about Pagan Night Out

               G                                       D
3.  come out if you're a Druid, come out if you're a Wiccan
             G                                      D
  come out if you're a Heathen, the party will be kickin
                   G                                                     D
  bring your guru, bring your shaman, bring your priestesses and priests
              E                                                  A
  it's all right to bring your children but they don't allow no beasts at

    Pagan Night Out, Pagan Night Out
    good times are had no doubt because it's Pagan Night Out
    Pagan Night Out, Pagan Night Out
    telling everyone about Pagan Night Out

      G                               D
4.  hanging out at PNO, drinking with the witches
      G                                          D
  I hear the latest Jesus joke, it's leaving me in stitches
         G                                                   D
  and no one here's embarrassed to be scratching where it itches
         E                                              A
  and if you get them drunk enough a few might drop their britches!

   Giving a whole new meaning to....

    Pagan Night Out, Pagan Night Out
    Everyone hangs out because it's Pagan Night Out
    Pagan Night Out, Pagan Night Out
    good times are had no doubt because it's Pagan Night Out

    Pagan Night Out, Pagan Night Out
    we drink alot of stout because it's Pagan Night Out
    Pagan Night Out, Pagan Night Out
    good times are had no doubt because it's Pagan Night Out

    Pagan Night Out, Pagan Night Out
    telling everyone about Pagan Night Out
    telling everyone about Pagan Night Out
    A                                   G            A           D
    telling everyone about... Pagan... Night...   Out

Remember: Pagan Night Out is the 13th of every month!

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Move Over Jehova
Lyrics and Music by Trickster
intro:  G# A    G# A

    G#  A
v1.  I woke up Sunday morning and my head was mighty sore
G#                 A
    there were two Jehovah Witnesses a'knockin' at my door.
G# A
    They were preaching word-o'-god at ninety miles an hour
G#  A
but nine AM on Sunday is a most ungodly hour!
G# A
I thanked them for their interest and I told them that I'm Pagan
G#  A
the taller woman made a face that looked like Ronald Reagan.
G#    A
They said Jehovah sent them out recruiting in his name.
G# A                                                                                         A7
I   told them I respect their path... and asked them for the same.

                                D                                   A
ch1:   Move over Jehova, now do you understand?
                               E                                       A7
         Move over Jehova, here come Diana and Pan
                                D                               A
         Move over Jehova, oh baby son-o'-man
                               E                               A
         Move over Jehova, and dig it if you can

G#           A
v2. They had some propaganda printed on some ground up trees
they said "it's very interesting, take one, would you please?"
The pamphlet had a picture of an earthly paradise
a garden planet under God-- now wouldn't that be nice?
To make the dream come true we all must worship the messiah
but Pagans got it going on, I told them about Gaia
and lots of little villages with perfect trust and love
and we ain't got no rule you gotta fear some god above

ch2:     Move over Jehova, don't tell me what to do
           Move over Jehova, I don't believe in you
           Move over Jehova, let me out of your zoo
           Move over Jehova, and take your witnesses too

v3. (instrumental verse)

                                D                                     A
ch3:    Move over Jehova, don't be saving my soul
                                E                                 A7
          Move over Jehova, I got it under control
                                D                                                A
          Move over Jehova, don't throw me in your hell hole
                                E                                            A
          Move over Jehova, and let the boy rock and roll

G#           A
v4. The shorter woman asked me who I thought created me
I said I was the culprit, not some lofty deity
upon my birth on Mother Earth I was a lump of clay
and all my life's decisions made me what I am today
For better or for worse I know I did it to myself
so spare me all that will-o'-god, I'm not the devil's elf
I started singing Pagan songs and playing my guitar
they raced each other off the porch and took off in their car

ch4:    Move over Jehova, and let us do as we may
          Move over Jehova, we got the right to say "nay"
          Move over Jehova, now do you hear what I say?
          Move over Jehova, and let do it our way

ch5:    Move over Jehova, cause I do not wanna pray
          Move over Jehova, I got some music to play
          Move over Jehova, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey
                                 E      (tacit)                       A   D Dm A   (e-f#-e-g>)
          Move over Jehova, but... blessed be anyway

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Castin' Circle
by Trickster & Diana

intro:  notes are in (), chords are in CAPS.  Bend notes followed by "<"

          (e-f#-g#-)A (a-c#<) AA
          (e-f#-g#-)A (a-c#<) AA
          (a-b-c#) DD (d-f#<) DD
          (e-f#-g#-)A (a-c#<) AA
          (e-f#) EEE   DDD AAA  EEEE

1. well I'm a magick musician and a Wiccabilly priest
and when I wanna cast circle I start off facing east
I call to the east and to the element there
and then I let my lungs feast upon a breath of fresh air
    E7                                   D
I hear a reply just like the wind in the trees
                 A                     E 7
and I say "so mote it be!" (so mote it be!)

2. I turn to my right, or should I say doesil
and since I'm harmin' no one I guess I'll do as I will
I open my mouth and chant the things I desire
call to the south and to the spirits of fire
there's a warmth in my soul, I know they're speaking to me
and I say "so mote it be!" (so mote it be!)

             A                         D
Ch:     Casting circle, all around
            A                                  G         E
          Casting circle, make this sacred ground
            A                                         D
          Casting circle, without and within
                            D  D# E
          Let the magick begin

3. I turn once again so I am facing the west
to the element where dolphins like to frolic and rest
the water of life fills my cup to the brim
I take a big drink and then I go for a swim
their answer rolls in just like the waves on the sea
and I say "so mote it be!" (so mote it be!)

4. I've summoned three quarters, now it's time for the fourth
so I climb out of the water and I turn to the north
I stand on a mountain of sweet Mother Earth
I know that it's Samhain, time of death and rebirth
I start to rock out and shake the ground under me
and I say "so mote it be!" (so mote it be!) (ch)

5. Jesus left Chicago in his V8 Ford
up pulled the El Dorado of the Lady and Lord
they said "we're on our vacation and we're out for a spin
and we heard your invocation so we thought we'd drop in"
I bid them both welcome with a big "blessed be!"
and I say "so mote it be!" (so mote it be!) (ch)

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Labor Day of Love
by Trickster

intro: (strum dramatically)

Eb(iii)                                E(iv)
Some gods let you party & some gods make you crawl
But the god that Jack Harvey worships
                    E(iv)              F#(vi)       C#(i)  B
he don't like anyone at all

(pick up tempo, play with a bouncy feel)
E       A       E      A

     (A)          E          A                E                A
1. There's a military base and it's called Fort Hood
                    E         A                        E                 A
where the American army stands for freedom and good
    E               A                        E          A
strong brave men and women, ain't no chickens
and some of them soldiers are Pagans and Wiccans
Well they follow their paths, they worship as they please
just like the US Constitution guarantees
in the First Amendment, it's our freedom of religion
when it comes to gods, you make your own decision

2. Well these Pagan soldiers who protect our nation
decided they'd form a little congregation
do some ritual and some celebration
called it "Open Circle", it's a big sensation
cause someone wrote a story in the local newspaper
it wasn't no bottom of the garbage can scraper
informative and fair, a good opinion shaper
until it reached the hands of a loony bin escaper

3 He's a preacher named Harvey from the town of Killeen
he was ignorant narrow minded bigoted and mean
barking and growling like a dog with rabies
telling everybody that witches eat babies
and he asked his followers to bring their guns
to church in case we try to snatch & eat their young'uns
a lot of good people tried to set him straight
but he wouldn't listen to them or let go of his hate
                G        F         E   A   E   A
cause it's hot as Hell in Texas
              G             F       E   A   E  A
and he's not quite well in Texas

4.Near Killeen & Fort Hood's a town called Copperas Cove
there's a witch shop there, it's a real treasure trove
they got crystals cards books & herbs anything you please
they even got Loke E. Coyote CD's!!!
Well Harvey decided he should run them out of town
he rounded up some people and he headed on down
but the Pagans got wind of it, we called up all our friends
cause we'll never let the burning times happen again

And it's hot as Hell in Texas
But we ain't going to Hell in Texas

5. Well the big day came and we met up at the store
there was at least 150 of us, maybe many more
there were Wiccans Druids atheists & even Christians too
with a cross and shirt that said "What would Jesus do?"
Harvey stamped and screamed, he rattled his saber
We waved a big sign, it said "love thy neighbor"
he said "you sinners & you witches gonna all burn in Hell
like the Southern Baptists, homos, and the Jews as well"

6. He said: "God hates sinners, God hates sinners
God hates sinners and we're all sinners
we're all sinners, every last one of us
all you unclean witches, all us Christians on the bus
you and me... everybody
we're all sinners and God hates sinners
and everyone's a sinner and God hates sinners
and everyone's a sinner and God hates everyone
god hates everyone, God hates everyone
God hates.....everyone"   (whao!)

7. Now I didn't quite know what to make of what he said
cause Jesus preached love & he was spouting hate instead
I said, "Exactly which god is it you're praying to?
is it Jesus Christ or is it Cthulhu?"

8. Well he shouted thru his bullhorn & we did some songs & chants
we offered him a drink in case he's thirsty from his rants
we got a little closer and he almost wet his pants
he thought we would attack, we did a spiral dance
he's afraid we'd hex him and he'd end up cursed
but he's already Jack Harvey, we can't make it any worse
ignorant narrow minded bigoted and bitter
the last thing he saw was us cleaning up his litter
                G        F           E A E A
cause it's hot as Hell in Texas
                     G           F           E A E A
but we ain't going to Hell in Texas
               G          F          E A E A
ring the Liberty Bell in Texas
              G        F          E A E A   A7
because all is well in Texas!!!

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by Trickster

"We call this sort of thing Loke E. Karaoke..."

bass intro: GGAABB
1. Young witch, there's no need to feel sad
I say young witch, cause the preacher's your dad
I say young witch, there's good times to be had
                 G       F           C  F  G    GGGG G7
you can choose your own rel-i-gion
Young witch, do you hear what I say
I said young witch. there's a new way to pray
I say young witch, you can mold your own clay
             G    F            G   F  G     GGGG G7
you can be who you want to be

ch:    It's fun to be W-I-C-C-A
        It's fun to be W-I-C-C-A
                    Dm        Dm+               Dm7       Dm6
       You can revel all night, and then sleep until noon
                     G7-9                              G
      You can stay up and howl at the moon
       (It's fun to be) W-I-C-C-A
        It's fun to be W-I-C-C-A
                    Dm     Dm+       Dm7        Dm6
       You can invoke air, fire, water and stone
                   G7-9                              G
        Be the maiden, the mother, the crone

2. Young witch, there's a place you can go
I say young witch, where you can read the tarot
I say young witch, and there's no hell below
             G  F       C     F    G     GGGG G7
you can be a Wiccan priestess
Young witch, if you're harming no one
I say young witch, then your will may be done
I say young witch, you can even have fun
                 G      F          C  F G      GGGG G7
you can dance and laugh in circle  (ch)

3.  Young witch, I was once in a lurch
I was a young witch, my parents sent me to church
I knew this witch, had to go on a search
              G     F       C    F G     GGGG G7
I had to find my path to spirit
That's when, a Pagan came up to me
and said "young witch, merry meet, blessed be"
he said "young witch, there's a path you should see"
              G      F      C     F G      GGGG G7
and he turned me on to Wicca (ch)


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