"GB" is short for Ginger and Bekah, a dynamic duo out of Austin, TX.

And, yes, they have lots of magical "mojo".

In the pic below, Ginger is on the left, Bekah is on the right.



Below is "Bang, Bang" and "Upside Down Roses"

two of Bekah Kelso's songs from

her excellent and recent solo CD entitled "Mud Blossoms".


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Bang, Bang

by Bekah Kelso


intro (tablature)

     Em                     Emb5

E ||----------------------|-------------------------||

B ||----------------------|-------------------------||

G ||--------------0-------|--------------0----------||

D ||----------2-------2---|------2---------------2--||

A ||--2-------------------|--1-------1--------------||

E ||----------------------|-------------------------||


 Em                   Emb5

1.Don't wanna open my eyes today

 Em               Emb5
  Things to do, a conscience to weigh
Em                  Emb5     Em      Emb5

  Was it so bad? Was it o--- kay?

Em                   Emb5
Not enough coffee to wake me up
Em                 Emb5

I'm up a creek and out of luck
Em                 Emb5           Em    Emb5

I am surrounded, I better give it up

            G           Em

CH:  ĎCause I broke the rules

     G         Em
     That I put in place

     There's talk of prison,

         G          Em

there is  talk of escape
               G          Em

Tell me what have I done
             G                 Em

To be above and under the gun



2. So listen here, Shadow
I'll make you a deal
Disguise as good times
And that will appeal
Far more to me than the thing you are offering now

Whatís that you say
You don't work that way
You're in my head
Do as I say
I can't handle you today

CH:  Cause I broke the rules
     That I put in place
     There's talk of prison
     There is talk of escape
     Tell me what have I done
     To be above and under the gun
     Ch-ch- wait, wait


   Cma7              D
BR: Maybe I'm too quick to pull the trigger
   Cma7         D

Maybe I deserve some amnesty

Cma7              D
  Maybe I should wait to deliver

   Cma7            D  D7    Em     Emb5
     Such a heavy sentenc-- ing

CH: Yea, I broke the rules
     That I put in place
     But still, I'm standing
     And tomorrow is another day
     Tell me, what have I done,
     Now that I know there
     Ain't no, never no, wasn't no gun

Upside Down Roses

by Bekah Kelso


    Dsu4        D     D2            D

1. Upside down roses stare at the floor
Dsu4          D           D2      D

Losing their luster not alive anymore
  G          /F# Em              D

Thatís how I feel   when you're gone

Once they were growing in an earth of love and

now they're just thirsting for the lack there of
Thatís how I feel when you're gone
I said thatís how I feel when you're gone


                Bb                         D
Ch:      But if the force of my heart and its quickening beat

                Bb                   D

         Would move down my body and into my feet
                   Bb                    D

         It would carry me fast to the place you are

         You'll be my north star



2. Upside down roses are all that I see
Not much for talking or for anything
Thatís how I feel when you're gone

But I smile when I think of the things that you say
Just want to call you so I can say

hey, I love you when you're gone
And thatís just how I feel when you're gone 


                        G      /F#     Em               D     (/C#  /B  /A)

Tag:     Oh and that's just how I feel     when you're gone, sometimes,
                   G       /F#  Em               D     (/C#  /B  /A)

         Sometimes I can't deal     when you're gone.
                      G  /F# Em     D (/C#  /B  /A)         D

         Turning into ro-ses upsi----------------------de  down

                       G /F# Em      D      (/C#  /B)   A

         Turning into ro-ses upside down                oooo



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