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This Druid from England sings of the spirit of the sacred lands and tell tales from the days of old. Damh (pronounced "Dahv" or  perhaps "Dahrv" with an England accent) was trained by the Order of Bards, Ovates and Druids (OBOD), and he not only sings with passion about ancient Pagan ways, his love songs are very moving and inspiring as well. Damh has been playing at spiritual festivals since the '90s and has produced 4 CDs. His website is at http://www.paganmusic.co.uk and you can also get his CDs from CDBaby.


Below is one of my favorite Damh the Bard songs, "The Pipes of Pan", which I transcribed before his songbook came out. For chords and lyrics to the rest of Damh's songs, you may order "The Green and Burning Tree: The Damh the Bard Songbook, Vol. 1" from his website (Amazon lists the songbook, but when I checked it said it was unavailable).



The Pipes of Pan

by Damh the Bard


intro: C Am   C Em      C Am Em C


  C                    Am                  

1. Can you hear... the distant thunder?

C                  Em    G        C

  Can you see the Moon... in the sky?

C               Am             

I can see... a full horizon,


  the Sun raising his eye.

Am                 Em

  Arms lifted to greet the dawn,

      F                   Am

As fiery eyes of wisdom shine,

Dm                  Em

  A father dead, a Son of Suns,

        F                     G

A tear wiped away... with a smile.



 C                        Am             Em

    All of my life I have seen many offerings,

        F                G                C

To the Gods and all the wonder that they hold.

C                             Am                            

  But how many people really can,


hear the pipes of Pan?

         F                G              C

As they sound across our sacred land of old.




2. I can see... a cloven hoof falling,

C                          Em       G

   On the bare skin of the Earth.       

C                Am  

   I can see... life returning,


  feel the triple One's rebirth.

 Am                    Em

Golden light dapples across the woodland,

        F                          Am

As the Piper dances and plays his tune.

Dm                 Am

Herne the Hunter, Horn-ed One,

  F                   G

Spirit of Man to the Moon.  (Ch)



 C                      Am

3. Can you hear... the pipes of Pan

C                      Em     G

  On the warm Summer wind?     (If you can)

C                       Am                    

   can you feel him... deep within you,


   as he penetrates the land?

Am             Em

   May blossom to the bee,

     F                        Am

The nectar of love is on her skin.

Dm               Am

Heat returns as passions rise

               F                   G

And Beltane's dance begins, once again.


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