Songs by Celia Farran

Celia is an "Everyday Goddess" with rusty red locks and twinkling eyes which cast a spell of enchantment upon her listeners. Blessed with multiple talents in the realms of music, theatre, dance and story-telling, Celia gifts her audience with a warm, deep and resonating experience.  Her Celtic classics are sung with finesse. Her love songs touch your heart, your skin, your whole body.  And with "Symbol", her talents are newly expressed in the genre of  political activism for religious freedom.

 Celia's "The Symbol" is a song for everyone who wears the Pentacle.  This heart-gripping song energizes the spirit of all who dare to publicly wear this emblem of the Wiccan faith. This song helped galvanize the grass roots movement that forced the Veterans Administration to act justly and allow for the Pentagram to be engraved on the burial markers of veterans. It is a great VICTORY for the rights of Pagans.  Other verses of this song also protest discrimination against Wiccans who are students in public school and those who are employees in the workplace.  The bridge in her song boldly proclaims: "Freedom of speech, freedom of faith, freedom of religion. Freedom to stand up and fight for what we believe in". Celia's "The Symbol" is, indeed, an emerging Pagan classic-- the new 21st century Pagan anthem. The link to the chords and lyrics from the songs: "The Symbol", "Quan Yin", "We'll Always Sing", as well as the CD's title song are found at the Red Alabaster and Blue CD page. 



Check out some of Celia's earthy love songs and more from her Breathe CD with lyrics and chords:: "Trees Breathe", "Everyday Goddess", "Earth Girl" and "Lonely Lion".



Also, here are songs written by Celia's alter-ego, a vivacious sprite named "The Trestle Foote Faerie".  Trestle is full of energy, humor, joy and FUN, and she loves singing her songs for you.  Our favorite faerie plays the ukulele and has a number of her own songs, such as "Phoebe's Jesus", "The Hoo Hoo Song", "I'm not Homophobic" and "The Tickle Break Song" among a number of others-- which can be found with uke chords on Cern's Trestle Foote Faerie Music page.  You can hear some of these fun tunes on Trestle's MySpace page at


You can check out other songs by Celia and buy her CD's at


Updated August 2009
by Cernowain Greenman

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