Brenda L. Allen-Moser

Dec. 9, 1965 - Nov. 18, 2009


Brenda was a good friend and, among other things, she was a talented singer-songwriter.

Below are some of her songs with her singing them. I hope you enjoy listening to them as much as I do.


Songs Lyrics and Description
Door Into Summer Lyrics  This is actually a Monkees song that Brenda always liked to start out with.
Jiffy Pop Hair A humorous song Brenda wrote about a woman with a particular hair style.
Gingham Blanket  Lyrics    A picnic basket romance and a gingham blanket.
The Playing Field Lyrics     A song of remembrance for a former ball player.
Monday If everything goes wrong, it just might be Monday.
Don't Try Me Lyrics     Sometimes clothes don't fit, and sometimes people don't either.
Coming Home Brenda's own homewardbound tune.
Crystal Realization  Lyrics   Brenda shows her affinity for the more common stones.
Unpleasant Valley Sunday In this song Brenda laments all the empty houses in her town due to a bad economy.
Burn the Time Machine Brenda talks about reminiscing, but takes a dim view of nostalgia and what too much of 'living in the past' can do to us.
Lunch With an Alien Lyrics    Most people do not believe Brenda had lunch with an extraterrestrial. But she did.
The Rains of Mynndd Serren Lyrics     Dancers caught in the rain.
Steffan's Kitchen Lyrics     A warning about a very temperamental chef.
All We Can Do  
Slam the Door  
Dangerous Call A tale of relationships to avoid at all costs. Aka: beware of the siren song.
When I Was Young  
Spanish Salad Bar Lyrics     Brenda's funny madlib "filk" version of a Madonna song.

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