Best of Pagan Song: Emerald Rose
Emerald Rose delivers dynamic songs as a Pagan acoustic/rock Celtic band out of North Georgia.  Their vocal harmonies are matched with Celtic and world music instruments, producing a unique sound.  Many clever original songs, plus some Gaelic classics, blast with a raising of energy that is powerful, professional and addictive. You can find Emerald Rose and their CDs online at
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"Penny in the Well"
by Larry Morris (2000)
sung by Emerald Rose

(capo iii)

 C                Am                       F                     G
1. I drive my car between the white and yellow lines
                    C                       Am            F                  G
(I know this path) I know this path, and I follow all the signs
                  C                            Am              F                  G
(but then I hear) The blackbird's call from a distant rowan tree
                    C                      Am               F                  G
(and I must leave) Leave this road, I must journey to the sea

                            C                       Am                     F                           G
CH:    (and so I'll go) Down to the shore where the warm wind fills the sheets
                     C                  Am                F                        G
    (and I will find) Find the crew that will help me feel complete
                         C                   Am            F                    G
    (and then I'll sail) Off to the land where my ancestors dwell
                       C                    Am               F         G
    (and then I'll...)  Throw my penny in the well
    C             Am                F       G
   Throw my penny in the well

2. I loved a lady once who danced into my life
(and then she came) Came to bed, and then she came to be my wife
(but in my heart) There was a hole that all our laughter could not fill
(a cold wind blew) A cold wind blew us from our home upon the hill
(so let me go... (CH) )

3. The loving heart it is the bird that sings the song
(she sings the song) And even hatred cannot cage her spirit long
(although we see) The nations fight, still as people we are joined
(we all are joined) Our love for life shall be our planet's common coin...
(so let us go... (CH) )

(CH2) Down to the shore where the warm wind fills the sheets
(and then we'll join) Join the crew, so that we may be complete
(and then we'll sail) Off to the land where our ancestors dwell
(and then we'll..) Throw our penny in the well - oh yes we'll
Throw our penny in the well, Come let us, throw our penny in the well

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