Best of Pagan Song: Todd Alan
Todd has recently reunited with his old bandmates to form the group called "The Effect"
which performed at Wisteria's Cornstock Festival in 2009.
"Lord of the Dance" can be found on Todd Alan's CD "Carry Me Home"
This and other Todd Alan CDs can also be bought through his website.

Lord of the Dance
version by Todd Alan & Friends
(note, the tune used is not "Simple Gifts")

              Em                                               D
   When She danced on the water and the wind was her horn
       G                        B
the Lady laughed and every-thing was born
          G                                      D                  D7
And when she lit the sun and the light gave him birth
       Em                                   D                   B
the Lord of the Dance first appeared on the Earth.

                  Em                       D
Ch:     So, dance, dance, wherever you may be
             G                                  B
              I am the Lord of the Dance, cried he
                         Em  D Em           G   A Em
             And I'll live  in you if you live in me,
                          Em                         D        B   Em
             And I'll lead you all in the dance, cried he

2. I came with the dawning when the world was begun
I danced with the moon, and the stars, and the sun
When I saw the light that was coming from the Earth
I joined in the rhythm and she gave me birth   (Ch)

3. I grow in the kernel and I bring forth the grain
I flow with the wind as I dance in the rain
When it's time for the harvest I will never feel the pain
for in spring I am Lord, of the dance once again   (Ch)

4. I dance at the feast and stories I do tell
I dance and I sing that everyone be well
and when the dance is over do not think that I am gone
for I live in the music so I dance all along (Ch)

5. I dance in the circle when the flames leaped up high
I dance in the fire and I'll never, ever die
Feel me in the drumming as I call to you
when you hear my voice you will know what to do (Ch 3x)

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