Best of Pagan Song: Wendy Rule
Dark, passionate, powerful.
Australia's Pagan Goddess and gift to the world.
Wendy presents theatrical shows full of Wiccan imagery and song.
You can buy the "Deity" CD with the song below


by Wendy Rule

Am                     F  E   Am               F     E
  When the moon is lit,      on her eastern side
Am                        F             E7
  And I slowly am centering, centering
Am                      F   E         Am             F    E
  When my blood is pulled,   with the waning tide
Am                           F         E
  And I fall, and am willingly entering
  Am            C6             F                 E
Night-- the Dark, the Womb that's hollow
     Am          C6        F          E
Its here I've found a voice to follow

CH:    I am the maiden
I am the mother
               F        E
I am the crone
Am              G
I am the sea, I am the sky
                 F                      E
I am the blood, I am the moon
Am                C6/G                  F       E7
    Never alone, never alone,   never alone

2. When the moon is lit, on her western side
And she slowly is brightening, brightening
When the Earth is full, with the waxing tide
And I breathe with it brightening, brightening
See-- reflected in the water
The older moon held by her daughter (CH)


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