Best of Pagan Song: Avalon Rising
Avalon Rising consists of the talents of Kristoph Klover, Margaret Davis, Deirdre McCarthy, Beth Milne and Pete Gascoyne.
Their music has been defined as "electro-acoustic blend of Medieval, Celtic and original"
but also contains elements of Middle eastern and Celtic harp and flute.
In 1995 Avalon Rising released a self-titled CD which included the song "Dark Moon Circle"
which is featured below. You can buy this CD, as well as the 2004 "Storming Heaven" CD


"Dark Moon Circle" (Lady, Hey!)
by Cynthia McQuillin
performed by Avalon Rising
tune 6 string to D

    D                       C              D
1. Lady, hey, steal away-- join us in the woodlands
 D                               C               D
Revel high through the night, until the dawn is at hand

  D                           C                D
Nightingale sings and wails; She's our secret keeping.
  D                              C                D
Dead of night, dark moon light, all the men are sleeping--
 C                D
All the men are sleeping

     D                                 C                       D
2. Spirit high, (come) dance with me, Air and Earth and Water free.
 D                             C                       D
Lay your hand upon my breast, take me to your blessed rest.  (CH)

     D                             C                           D
3. Gladly join the circle dance, there's no telling what may chance.
 D                          C                      D
Linger while the fires die, with the sacred lover lie.  (CH)

4. (repeat v. 1)


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