Best of Pagan Song: Dar Williams
Dar is a prolific and talented song writer from New England whose "confessional style" speaks profoundly to women. 
She is most famous for her song "Spring Street" and was a featured performer in the Lilith Fair concerts.
There is an excellent fan site for Dar at
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Below is her song "The Christians and the Pagans".


by Dar Williams, 1995

(capo iii)

Intro: G C Am D D/F#

(G)Amber called her (C)uncle, said "We're (Am)up here for the (D)holiday,
(G)Jane and I were (C)having solstice, (Am)now we need a (D)place to stay."
And (Em)her Christ-loving (C)uncle watched his (Am)wife hang Mary (D)on a tree,
He (Em)watched his son hang (C)candy canes all (Am)made with red dye (D)number three.
He (G)told his niece, "It's (C)Christmas eve, I (Am)know our life is (D)not your style,"
She said, (G)"Christmas is like (C)Solstice, and we (Am)miss you and it's (D)been awhile,"

So the (G)Christians and the (C)Pagans sat (Em)together at the (D)table,
(G)Finding faith and (C)common ground the (Em)best that they were (D)able,
And (Em)just before the (C)meal was served, (Am)hands were held and (D)prayers were said,
(Em)Sending hope for (C)peace on earth to (Am)all their gods and (D)goddess-(G)es.

The (G)food was great, (C)the tree plugged in, the (Am)meal had gone with-(D)out a hitch,
Till (G)Timmy turned to (C)Amber and said, (Am)"Is it true that (D)you're a witch?"
His (Em)mom jumped up and (C)said, "The pies are (Am)burning," and she (D)hit the kitchen,
And it (Em)was Jane who (C)spoke, she said, "It's (Am)true, your cousin's (D)not a Christian,"
"But (G)we love trees, we (C)love the snow, the (Am)friends we have, the (D)world we share,
And (G)you find magic (C)from your God, and (Am)we find magic (D)everywhere."

So the (G)Christians and the (C)Pagans sat (Em)together at the (D)table,
(G)Finding faith and (C)common ground the (Em)best that they were (D)able,
And (Em)where does magic (C)come from, I think (Am)magic's in the (D)learning,
Cause (Em)now when Christians (C)sit with Pagans (Am)only pumpkin pies are (D)burn-(G)ing

When (G)Amber tried to (C)do the dishes, her (Am)aunt said, "Really, (D)no, don't bother."
(G)Amber's uncle (C)saw how Amber (Am)looked like Tim and (D)like her father.
He (Em)thought about his (C)brother, how they (Am)hadn't spoken (D)in a year,
He (Em)thought he'd call him (C)up and say, "It's (Am)Christmas and your (D)daughter's here."
He (G)thought of fathers, (C)sons and brothers, (Am)saw his own son (D)tug his sleeve, saying,
(G)"Can I be a (C)Pagan?"  Dad said, (Am)"We'll discuss it (D)when they leave,"

So the (G)Christians and the (C)Pagans sat (Em)together at the (D)table,
(G)Finding faith and (C)common ground the (Em)best that they were (D)able,
(Em)Lighting trees (C)in darkness, (Am)learning new ways (D)from the old, and
(Em)Making sense of (C)history and (Am)drawing warmth (D)out of the (G)cold.


Words and music Copyright © 1995 by Burning Field Music (ASCAP), administered by Bug Music (ASCAP). All Rights Reserved. Reprinted by permission.

NOTE: Authorship and copyright information, including this notice, must be included in its entirety on any printed or electronic copy of this transcription. For information on registering your own transcription of a Dar Williams song, visit on the World Wide Web, or send email to . Along with permission, you'll be able to share your tabs with other listeners.

from MORTAL CITY (1995)
Transcription by Ron Greitzer <> - January 1998

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