The Best of Pagan Songs CD
distributed by Serpentine Music
This is a one of a kind collection of some of the best songs written by Pagan musicians in the last 30 years. It's perfect for younger Pagans who want to learn about Neo-Pagan musical beginnings. And it's great for the longtime experienced Pagan, too, with old favorites and some recordings that are now hard to find.  There's a wide variety of genres represented here, something for everybody.  If you don't know what Pagan music CD to buy, get this one, sample the songs and go online and find the artists you like.  

There's a wide variety of genres represented here, something for everybody:  the classic (though non-historical) "Burning Times" by Charlie Murphy, Gwydion Pendderwen's Pagan anthem "We Won't Wait Any Longer", "Deity" by Wendy Rule, "The Christians and the Pagans" by Dar Williams,  "Penny in the Well" by Emerald Rose, and a number of other fantastic tunes.  As always, you get the lyrics and the chords for these in Cern's Pagan Songbook. The CD is available from Serpentine Music .  Ask them when they are coming out with The Best of Pagan Song 2, since there's a lot of other great Pagan music out there. 

--Cernowain Greenman

"The Best of Pagan Song" CD: lyrics and chords
Burning Times --Charlie Murphy The Heretic Heart --Catherine Madsen
We Won't Wait Any Longer --Gwydion Pendderwen Every Woman Born--Ruth Barrett
The Question Song --Pasha & The Pagans Lord of the Dance --Todd Alan
Magick --Gypsy Fairy Queen --Kenny Klein
Angel of Bells --Gaia's Voice Spirits --Susan Falkenrath
We Do Not Die--Velvet Hammer (Dreamtrybe) Deity --Wendy Rule
Dark Moon Circle (Lady Hey!) --Avalon Rising Rime of the Ancient Matriarch --HollyTannen                   
The Christians and the Pagans --Dar Williams Penny in the Well --Emerald Rose

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