Best of Pagan Song: Gaia's Voice
Gaia's Voice was a unique vocal group based in Berkley, CA, which was begun in 1987.
I do not believe they are still signing, but their CDs are yet available at CD Baby.
You can buy Gaia's Voice CDs at CD Baby


Angel of Bells
by Gaia's Voice
tune 6 string to D

           Dm                         C
1. She takes us wanderers under her wings
 Dm                        C
Sings a song to the coming of the Spring
Dm                      C
Lifts our souls far into the night
Dm                                C
Fills our dreaming with wondrous delight

      Dm                              C6 C
CH:    You, you were born naked
    Dm                         C6 C
    naked, naked you'll die
                  Dm                     C6 C
    angel of darkness, angel of merc-y
    take away the sorrow
     C                   Dm
    take away the pain

2. The Angel of Bells she knows the ring
Wraps it round your shoulders fluffs up your wings
She'll take you flying suddenly you'll sing
The Angel of Bells she knows the ring  (CH)

(instrumental) (CH)

3. All you have to do is call out her name
She'll come to you, she loves your silly games
She'll be dancing on a silver plate
The angel of bells, she knows your name (CH)

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