Alexian is best known for "It's Cool to Be a Witch" which premiered in 1992 on "The Mother, The Magick, The Music" (remixed for CD in 2000). He grew up in the Missouri Ozarks but now resides not far from from DisneyWorld outside of Orlando, FL, where he leads the Twisted Oak coven (belonging to the Alexandrian tradition, of course). His performing credits include having appeared as one of the hostages in the movie "Passenger 57".


Alexian has his own Video Channel on YouTube, and you absolutely must see the video he has put together for his "It's Cool to Be a Witch" song with clips from the numerous TV shows featuring witches from Bewitched, Charmed, W.I.T.C.H. and other similar shows.


His official blogspot is at http://lordalexian.blogspot.com. He is president of the Earth Tones Studio Pagan recording label. His MySpace page can be found at http://www.myspace.com/lordalexian.


One place you can buy his CD is at CD Baby: http://www.cdbaby.com/cd/alexian




Its Cool to Be a Witch

by Alexian

Boogie beat


1. Well, when I fly through the air on my broom


I like to sing and a shimmy to my living room


I hop right up and I begin to cook


I toil and I trouble through my big black book

      G                        F

Its easy these days with the microwaves that be

      C                               G7

Its cool to be a witch in this century



Ch: Yeah, Its cool to be a witch


    Its cool to be a (wah, wah, wah, wah)


Its cool to be a witch


Its cool to be a (what a world, what a world)

      G                  F

Its cool to be a just hang out with me


I say: its cool to be a witch in this century


2. When those unsightly warts begin to appear

They get in the way of your secret career

Heres some advice from me to you

Annihilate em, macerate em, whatever you do

Hop over to the corner drug and Acme tell

They got some stuff there, you know it works so well  (CH)


Brg:  Go, go, go on the broomstick,

      Go, go, go on the broom

      Go, go, go on the broomstick,

      Go, go, go on the broom

      Go, go, go on the broomstick,

      Go, go, go on the broom


*(go up a half step= C# / Db)

3. Yeah, if you see us walkin down that old boulevard

Introduce yourself, its now very hard

Were the ones with the smiles on our face

The funky jewelry, crystals, tarot cards in a case

Well try n help you however we can

I need some peace of mind, a job, a man! (Ch)


*(go up another half step= D)

4. Well, wing of bat, eye of newt

A pointy hat and pointy boots

A Cagney wear nothing will cure

This is what we must endure

But have you seen our new cars today

Sub-compact Prism were heading your way (Ch)


                      A7                   G7

Tag:  Yeah, if you learned anything about witches today

                 A7                       G7               D

      Just say, were not bad were just stereotyped that way.

      A7   D7  

      Oh, yeah!


      What a world, what a world, what a world!



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