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Indianapolis and Indiana area:

Active groups:
Thalia Clan   Info on "Storyteller Wicca" tradition centered in Indianapolis. An online version of their BoS is at Thalia Clan BOS
Iliaster Hearth a coven belonging to Thalia Clan, focusing on personal transformation.
Gaia Works is an Indianapolis faith-based community service organization.
Blue Moon Coven, Inc. Email Jan for more info on the coven. They meet at The Magick Candle (see stores below).
Sacred Earth Circle, a southside coven in Indy. Email Kateera for more info. Kateera also is a Reiki master and teacher.
Pagan Pride Day at Broad Ripple Park in Indianapolis on September 27, 2008.  See you there!  
Also, you can join the Pagan Pride Day in Indiana email list for announcements.
HeartWorks Healing Arts in Broad Ripple.
Lothlorien a nature preserve and site for Pagan gatherings, south of Bloomington, IN.
Our Haven is a Pagan friendly campground near French Lick, IN

Recommended Indianapolis stores:
The Magick Candle a great pagan shop on the east side of Indy in the Irvington neighborhood.
World of Wisdom a metaphysical store on the southside of Indianapolis

Indiana Pagan Email Discussion Groups:
Indiana Wiccan List is a moderated group, meaning it keeps out the spammers and lets Wiccans in Indiana communicate freely.
Indiana Pagan Chat & Networking a lively email discussion group which I participate in.
Indiana Pagan Announcements List is a good place to find out what's happening in Indiana among Pagans.
Pagan Friendly Social Club is a gathering place for Indiana Pagans who like to get together for fun.
Note: I do not recommend "Indiana-Wicca" on Yahoo Groups. There is no list owner so announcements on it are outdated or invalid, and there is no way to fix them. It reports over 500 members, but over half of the member entries are no longer working and are bouncing. Yahoo won't bother to remove the group, even though there are no moderators nor a list owner. There is little discussion on the list there because it is so cluttered.
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Global, national and regional resources:

Witch Vox The best online news for witches, and a great resource for networking with other witches.
Witches of the World An extensive Witch directory on Witchvox with personals, covens, events, local shops, etc.
Witches Meet Up Wanna hang with local witchy friends?  Enter your zip and find a place and time to meet.
Beliefnet's "Earth-based Religions"   Discussions, Prayer Circles and Check out columns by Margot Adler & Starhawk, etc. Beliefnet also has a number of Pagan prayers for all occasions!
Lady Liberty League fighting for anti-discrimination against Pagans.They helped to win the addition of the Pentacle as an emblem for the headstones of Pagan veterans.
Pagan Spirit Gathering a summer solstice gathering of hundreds of Pagans each year. It's a magickal place and a magickal community. Now in Missouri!
Ozark Avalon Wiccan church, community and campgrounds in Northern Missouri. They sponsor Magickal Hibernation each year. Wonderful folks. NEW
Wolvenwold a beautiful campground in southern Missouri. Also home of Beltana Spellsinger of the Pagan bands SONA and Bellawyck.
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Online Pagan Communities and Blogs:   ALL NEW

Paganspace similar to MySpace, this is a very popular social network online for Pagans.
Wiccan Together a Wiccan community online "where Wiccans come together"
MysticWicks An online Pagan Community forum and "spiritual sanctuary" for Pagans and Wiccans.
Halls of Avalon another active forum for Pagans.
Email Pagans a high traffic Yahoo group for Pagans from all over. I recommend reading it "web only" so your email box won't be deluged.
deos-shadow audio blog on Pagan topics. Listen online or download to your mp3 player.
Wild Hunt a savvy and intelligent text blog covering current events concerning Paganism.

  Pagans on AO-HELL: Pagan Chat Rooms and Groups:

The Pagan Circle chat room on AOL
Virtual Magic   chat on AOL
Pagan Crossroads chat on AOL
Christian-Pagan Discussion board on AOL
Pagan Tea Room  chat on AOL
Occult Sciences chat on AOL
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Religious Texts of Pagans and others:

Sacred Texts Archive including Wiccan and Pagan-related texts! This site really has it all for Scriptures and holy texts from just about every religion. Go here first.
The Perseus Collection Here you'll find links to Roman and Greek writings, including the Homeric Hymns. Texts are in English, Greek and Latin.
The Internet Classics Archive for Classical Pagan writings.
Aesopica stories of the pagan storyteller Aesop in English, Latin and Greek.
The Skeptic's Annotated Bible reveals the many contradictions and absurdities in the Christian Scriptures. Christians would be a lot better off if they followed Christ instead of following the Bible (in my humble opinion). This site also has Qur'an and Book of Mormon pages.
The Millennium Biography Of Muhammad The Prophet is the story of Muhammad's life according to faithful Muslims. It was first written around the time of Islam's first millennium, with some later additions. This is the image most Muslims have when they think of who Muhammad was. Very enlightening.
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Pagan Clergy Links:

Pagan Clergy a Yahoo support group for Pagan Clergy.
Institutional Pagan Ministries a Yahoo group for Pagan Clergy involved in prison ministry and other institutions.
Indiana Pagan Priesthood for Pagan Clergy living in Indiana.
Handfasting Rituals online at this Handfasting resource website.
Cherry Hill Seminary a Masters level education center for professional Pagan Clergy.
Temple of Lady Ishtar sells a Pagan Clergy Handbook and a Wiccan Ministers Manual by Kevin Gardner of Indiana NEW
Gerald Gardner learn about research on the life of the founder of Wicca NEW Scroll halfway down the page to get to the site contents. Not only does this website have lots of info on Wicca, but it also has biographies of nearly 60 people who influenced or were influential in Wicca.  Every Pagan leader ought to familiarize themselves with these historical characters (emphasis on the word "characters") NEW

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Wiccan Ethics:

The Evolution of Wiccan Ethics Yes, Wiccans have ethics!  We've had them- and they've developing- for 50 years.
The Wiccan Rede Project Everything you ever wanted to know about the Wiccan Rede. Good, solid research.
Religious Tolerance: Wicca You can learn accurate information about Wiccan beliefs and practices here.
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Paganism & Christianity related sites:

Bible Pagan Quotes Verses in the Bible that were actually stolen from classical Pagan authors!
The Hour and the Day   This page shows just how many end-time prophets were wrong for the last 2000 years.
The Founding Fathers were not Christians Some illuminating quotes from some of America's early leaders. Also found here in slightly different edition.
The Cauldron and The Cross A Christopagan site.
Christian-Pagan Discussion board on AOL.
Check out "ChristoPaganism: An Inclusive Path". This book was written by Pagan authors River and Joyce Higginbotham. Also available on Amazon.  Solid research, with personal interviews, this book explores different expressions of the newly arisen ChristoPagan path. Includes an examination of this faith phenomenon with the tools of developmental spirituality. Highly recommended reading for those following such a faith, as well as for those critical of this new syncretistic path. NEW
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Musical sites for Pagans and my favorite Pagan Music Artist's sites ALL NEW

Music Sites for Pagans

Enchantment Hedra's list of pagan chant lyrics, with some mp3's. An excellent resource for learning to sing Pagan chants.
Community Song Cycle a number of popular chants on mp3s.
The Spark Collective’s Chant Book a collection of the lyrics for many popular Pagan chants.
Pagan Chants Of The Month  This site stopped posting new chants last year, but their archive with lyrics, mp3 and Real audio files is a great resource. Ivo Dominguez writes many of these powerful and mesmerizing chants.
Native American Flute Playing This page is full of helpful info on playing the 5 hole cedar flute.
Shamanic Chants Here are three Native American chants with QuickTime files to listen to, standard notation and flute pics to help you learn how to play them on the Native American 5 hole flute.
Techniques for the Sitar Learn how to play the sitar with these helpful videos.
Real Old Time Religion Page  A plethora of verses for those old time pre-Christian religions.
Bodhrán Jokes funnies aimed at the players of that Irish drum.

Pagan and Celtic Musicians/Music Groups

Alexian "it's cool to be a witch"
Anne Hill "Circle Round" is fun pagan music for children.
Bellawyck the goddesses of groove that rock Pagans of the Midwest and beyond.
Beltana on Soundclick. My favorite Pagan musical artist . Download one of her songs to listen to.
Celia red-headed author of the song "Symbol", the protest song that helped get the Pentacle approved.
Damh the Bard excellent Pagan folk music from Great Britain
Deva Primal singer of Hindu chants with western melodies
Emerald Rose Celtic American Folk Rock
GBMojo Ginger Ross and Bekah Kelso
Gypsy Nomads Scott and Samantha bring you Pagan percussion music and songs in French.
Gaia Consort you can download many mp3s on their site. The band also now goes by the name of Bone Poets Orchestra.
Laura Powers
Libana Women's world music
Loke E. Coyote he uses his booming bass voice to punctuate hilarious songs about being an herb loving Pagan
Mother Grove Celtic rock band that calls us to "listen to your Mother"
Moving Breath
Reclaiming Chants Great source of Pagan chants. The best CDs out of their collection are "Chants", "Second Chants" and "Witches' Brew"
Robert Gass interfaith chanting at its best
Robert Mirabal Native American flute player, singer and songwriter
Sede Metal and Acoustic rock. Here's Sede's MySpace music site.
Shawna Carol Goddess Chants
Sophia new age songs and chants from this "songhealer"
S.J. Tucker and Skinny White Chick singer songwriter extraordinaire and magickal pixie
SONA the "Peter, Paul and Mary" of Pagan music. Creative, funny and inspiring songs from Bel and the Joes.
Spiral Rhythm chants sung in glorious harmony
Three Weird Sisters' myspace page Witchy songs from these fun filkers. Look at this other Three Weird Sisters website for more info and lyrics.
Wendy Rule
Wild Mercy

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Some fun and interesting sites for Pagans:

Mickie Mueller Galleries an extremely talented artist who creates images with Pagan themes. Check out her art, including greeting cards and tarot deck pictures.
O My Gods A Pagan comic strip.
American Association of Electronic Voice Phenomena Check out the examples of pictures and recordings of ghosts. Way cool.
Indy Ghost Hunters This folks love to look for the spooks. They use video, audio, photography, EMF detectors, temperature gauges, etc, to find them. Nice people, too.  NEW
Handfasting Info site with lots of great handfasting rituals and information.
Facade A free divination site with Tarot, Runes, I Ching, Biorythms, and more. Good for free quick readings online.
Moon Phase Calendar A handy online almanac's calendar which shows the phases of the moon. You can also input different zipcodes, dates and years.
newWitch Magazine A Wiccan magazine publication targeted for younger and new witches. Also interesting for those who've been around in the Craft for awhile.
BBI Media publishers of newWitch, and also SageWoman, PanGaia and Crone. Lots of wisdom and great articles. NEW
Circle Magazine from Circle Sanctuary of Wisconsin. NEW
Free Translation A wonderful resource for translating west European languages into English.  The Spanish-English works well.
Celtic Pronunciations How do you say that old Irish-Gaellic word? Look here to find out.
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Thalia Clan

Cernowain Greenman is Priest of Iliaster Hearth of Thalia Clan.  


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